How is Kabaddi Progressively Gaining Popularity in India?

Author : Bharat Patel | Published On : 11 Apr 2024

Kabaddi's ascent to popularity as a mainstream sport has been astounding. This team sport has had a fantastic journey from ancient to global success. Unquestionably, Kabaddi is a huge hit. His game is shown nonstop on television, newspapers feature articles about it daily, and kids can be seen playing grapple and the murk in playgrounds.

Kabaddi has become extremely popular since no one paid attention during the game's second World Series in 2007. Who would have thought it would ascend to the height of its current glory? Kabaddi has experienced a massive metamorphosis, going from a forgotten sport to a trendy sport, and the Indian Kabaddi League has been instrumental in the game's comeback. The fantasy app for Kabaddi is gaining more popularity. To play the best, download the most trusted fantasy app, FantaFeat.

Indian League of Kabaddi

The World Kabaddi Championships in 2003 and 2007 received very little coverage and no advertising in India. The international organizations agreed to repackage the sport to make Kabaddi more appealing to prime-time viewers. The Indian Kabaddi League was primed to take center stage, armed with eight teams, global players, and prime time slots. However, how can a lesser-known sport draw crowds this size? It's a significant risk when you consider it.

In 2014, the risk paid off with an outstanding debut season—and that was only the beginning. Comparing the 2015 edition to the first, there was a 56% increase in viewers. Furthermore, the Indian Kabaddi League outperformed the Indian Football League regarding earnings and ratings. Those were telling indicators of a new superpower on the scene.

Established in 2013, the Premier Badminton League had a spectacular comeback in 2016 with a 75% rise in revenue, but it could not match the Indian Kabaddi League's notoriety or attendance figures. The Indian Kabaddi League saw a 51% gain in cumulative growth, solidifying its position as the nation's second-most popular sport. With those astounding numbers, one could ask themselves what makes it unique.

The Match

Kabaddi is one of those games where a player can win or lose in an hour with just 40 minutes of play. Longer playing times in sports are criticized for their inability to produce dramatic and beautiful moments regularly. Here's where Kabaddi has a significant edge.

The narrow playing field also contributes to the high-octane action. The game offers moments of potential enjoyment every minute of the time. The game moves quickly, and the thefts keep happening as you're left wondering what to do next by the stats displayed on the TV. It's a common misperception that Kabaddi calls for physical strength—mental toughness is unnecessary. Ask a supporter who leaped from his seat when his team was able to squander time attacking. They're all significant, after all!


Except for rhetoric, Kabaddi has neither strength nor weakness. There are twelve competitive teams in the Indian Kabaddi League. While each has advantages and disadvantages of its own, it is easier to predict which side will win once play begins. This heightens the tension and drama as the timer approaches 40 minutes.

There's always an intriguing answer when discussing a specific squad. International players who have competed at the top level are among the young players hoping to establish a reputation for themselves. Frequently, an external element surfaces, which oddly elicits an emotional bond between the spectator and the player, their group, or their dynamic. There is a different attitude toward this historic sport, seen in the audience's size, because it started on American territory.

Online Fantasy Kabaddi Leagues' Function

There are several explanations for the age-old sport's rising appeal. The advent of online fantasy kabaddi leagues is one of the leading causes. Blending fantasy gaming with team sports has proven to be a huge success. The ability to battle online against the top players in the game has been prevalent. One of the many fantasy sports sites where fans may play fantasy kabaddi is FantaFeat. Join India's most popular fantasy sports destination by coming.

Since Kabaddi's popularity grows daily, most business owners also intend to launch their fantasy kabaddi sports applications for sports enthusiasts. The South Asian region, which includes Bangladesh, India, and other nations, is where this game is most popular.

Many more statistics highlight the industry's enormous need for fantasy sports, and Kabaddi is one of the fastest-growing games you should include in your following fantasy sports software. So, why do you hesitate? If you still need help deciding whether to create a fantasy kabaddi sports application, submit your question below. If you're ready to launch your app, it's time to locate the top fantasy sports app development firm to meet your requirements.

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