How Important Is Unique Content for Ranking on Google

Author : Subhodip Das | Published On : 23 May 2023

How Important Is Unique Content For Google?

If you want to create content that will rank higher on the search engine ranking page then you need to keep a few things in mind. The content should be unique, relatable and informative, only then will you get a favourable ranking online. 

Google does not promote duplicate content on its platform and can penalise you for doing so by ranking your website lower on the results page. 

Through this article, you will get to know what is unique content and how it can help you in ranking better on Google.

What is unique content?

Unique refers to something that is not already present elsewhere and is entirely new. It is 100% original hence it is preferred more by Google. It is a term that can be related to search engine optimization (SEO) as it plays an important role in determining search rankings in SERPs. 

Every day millions of blogs are published on the internet. According to statistics, more than 7 million blogs are published online every day. But how many of them get ranked on the first page? Only a handful, because they are not unique and do not provide any value to the reader. 

Why does unique content matter to Google?

As a premier search engine, Google always tries to give the audience the best results possible related to their search query. 

Google uses complex algorithms to identify the websites which provide the highest quality of unique content. When any website tries to trick the algorithm by publishing duplicate content, Google penalises them.  

Whenever a search query is entered on Google, its bots start crawling the millions of websites available online and provide the most relevant and unique data to the customer first.

Now you know how important it is to write a hundred percent unique content if you want to rank higher online. This increases your authority and reliability. If you provide something new to the customers they will refer back to you time and again. 

How can a better ranking on Google help you? 

You understand the importance of unique content for Google, but it is beneficial in other factors as well.

i) Boost in Reputation

Higher SEO rankings will give a significant boost to your website’s reputation. You will be gaining authority as an expert in your respective field online because you post unique content every time. 

ii) Increase in ROI

To build your brand name online you need to invest your time, money and resources. All this can go to waste if people cannot find your business. When you rank better by writing unique content you get visible and more customers flock to your business. 

iii) Improve the User Experience

If you know how to write unique content you must know that you should always refer to reliable and authoritative websites while collecting data. When you do this the content is unique, and insightful and provides the user with accurate data which improves the user experience.  

4. Reduces the Risk of Legal Issues

If you copy-paste content from other sites then there are chances that they can press legal charges against you. The owners of the page can claim rights for content created by them and you have to pay the price.

Conduct thorough research and never copy-paste chunks of information from other sites to prevent plagiarism. Websites with 100% unique content are more credible and trustworthy to Google.

Google rankings are directly proportional to how informative and unique your content is. Always spend time curating and do not rush the process to get worthy results. 

A lot of people do not want to spend so much time writing content as they have other aspects of their business they need to take care of. If you also belong to that category you can take the help of a content writing company that will do the work for you.