How do you get certified in cyber security?

Author : Careerera Online | Published On : 10 Aug 2021

All about protecting the internet/cyberspace

The modern world is progressing at an unprecedented pace. With its fundamental technological advancements and extremities, and the development of internet web technology, cybersecurity is the major problem.

What is the solution?

Recruiting trained intellectual and well-read, experienced professionals!

Almost all topmost IT cyberspaces and organizations look for professionals that can handle malware, malicious attacking viruses, phishing attacks, and other third-party intruders from invading and controlling the important data of the company.

Data corruption and uncontrolled data threats can cost companies millions and even billions!

We can say that hiring a certified cybersecurity expert can help firms protect and secure web networks, prepare for future attacks if any, implement security plans, insert control codes.

Thus, a certified cyber expert with a piece of up-to-date industry knowledge is the best befitting match.

The professional can work for the betterment of the company’s web systems, and computer networks, maintaining the sustainability and profitability of any business.

Ways to get certified in Cybersecurity

Want to become the best fit for the premier IT and technology companies in the world? Have the nerve to fight hackers, viruses and work in all ethical ways possible to protect the IT and cloud networks of an organization?

Join the best certifications and move in the right direction! Get assistance from well-read figureheads and global corporate faculty in cybersecurity, data protection, and information control.

Have a look at these categories of cybersecurity certification and cybersecurity training for a better approach and learning in the world of data protection and security:

  •  Certifications in Cybersecurity for beginners

It’s not always that only a working professional will move forward for career upliftment by pursuing a cybersecurity certification in 2021.

Data show that almost 60% of beginners take up a career in cybersecurity. They are ready to start from scratch. The percentage of working professionals is 40%.

For a better introduction to cybersecurity in the IT field, beginners must start with basic and fundamental cybersecurity certifications and programs. These include:

  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA CySA+
  • Cisco CCNA certifications

We talk of so many CompTIA certifications because they allow you to take a step forward in a bigger world of cybersecurity and protection.

Significantly, these entry-level certifications for beginners need an educational requirement of two years with less experience.

The cost of these cybersecurity professional certifications is less than $400. They can be taken up with just one examination on the bay!

With these entry-level certifications, you can get the worthy credential that you need and get recruited by the best cybersecurity IT firms on the land!

  • Highest paying Cybersecurity certifications

Notably, if we go by the published data by the Salary Report and new IT trends, the topmost four IT certifications - salary-wise is in two varying fields.

The first one is cloud technology and the second one is IT security.

The excellent cybersecurity certifications that can help you grab the well-paid paychecks in 2021:

  • CISSP:  Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • CISM:  Certified Information Security Manager
  • CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Take these examinations and test your skills against - cybersecurity, auditing, risk management skills, security architecture, data controls,  company security assessment, identification, response, and mitigation; control monitoring, reporting, risk management, design, and engineer security protocols.

  • Top Cybersecurity certifications of 2021
  • CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Masters in Cyber Security
  • Post Graduate Program In Cyber Security
  • CSF (Cyber Security Fundamental)
  • Free Cybersecurity certifications

Looking at the rising demand for IT security certifications in 2021, we have much online cybersecurity training and certification that are offered for free!

If money is an issue with you and you cannot expect too much, you can join a free certification.

  • Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity
  • Mobile App Security
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Building a Cybersecurity Toolkit
  • Computer Systems Security
  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Training

In the times of COVID-19, almost all businesses have stuck to online platforms. Individuals and institutes rely on and trust the internet so much so that most of the time they tend to bypass and ignore an impending terror in the form of cyber crimes and huge virus attacks.

Here, cybersecurity professionals and Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH) play a central role in managing high destructive cyber risks and securing companies in the wide world of business!