How can a Stamp Duty Calculator Simplify your Finances?

Author : Rajan Khattak | Published On : 15 Apr 2021

For most home buyers, paying Stamp Duty in Australia is an inevitable move in property ownership. Since every state has its own price, it is possibly the most expensive cost you need to pay to obtain land or property. This can leave you to question yourself, “how much is stamp duty?” hence in this article, we will share with you all the essential aspects of how to calculate your cost using a stamp duty calculator.   

What is the term Stamp Duty?  

Stamp duty is a kind of tax imposed by Australian states and territory governments on written documents and certain transactions- the major one being property transactions.  

It can differ based on the Australian state or territory and, as per Australian Government official handle, A stamp duty may also be called transfer duty or general duty. The states charge the tax and use it on infrastructure, public welfare, and many other things.  

Role of Stamp Duty Calculator  

The Stamp Duty Calculator eases your finance process by giving you an indication of Government price when you are buying land or property in Australia for Investment, Owner Occupied, or as a First time House purchaser. The calculator yields result defining stamp duty on land purchase for most of the states and territories.    

The process to determine duty fee using nab stamp duty calculator?  

A nab stamp duty calculator depends on a sliding scale of taxation and different input variables. You need to have entered certain information and then click “calculate”. Here we are mentioning a few of the variable which you have to put while using this calculator.   

  • Purchase Price or value of a property.  
  • Select the State  
  • Verify are you a homeowner or an Investor?  
  • Are you First time Home Buyer?  
  • Type of Property you are buying?  
  • Whether you are Foreign Purchaser or not (for some states)  

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