HomeCapital Community: Your own guide for home buying

Author : Sumit verma | Published On : 11 Jun 2021


India is a nation that is segregated into multiple classes of people in terms of Finance. However, when it comes to buying a home, no matter what class we fall under, it is one of life's best experiences for all of us. So, each one of us irrespective of the class we belong to looks forward to buying a property that is the best, which meets all our expectations, provides us all the amenities, priced reasonably, and whatnot. All of us want our wealth to be invested in a property that gives us optimum returns.


However, we enter a world full of a labyrinth when we think about buying a house, thousands of items begin to run through our heads, beginning from where I can look for a home, how do I search for it and if I find what I should check and several other things. In order to buy a house, there are an infinite variety of items that have to be pursued, reviewed, and arranged. If we proceed further with finance and other legal formalities, then it seems like an entirely new topic on which we have to start working from the beginning.


Nevertheless, I am very pleased to apprise that Home Capital has come up with a wonderful concept of the Home Capital community to assist those of us for whom buying a house is a substantial investment to make.

The Home Capital community is a compilation of posts, video, and audio content that allows users to receive information about all the subjects involved in the purchasing of a home. It offers advice not only on the house purchasing journey but also on various issues where we feel confused and we have to pick amongst different choices available.


In order to provide us assistance, the Home Capital Community has provided the information in four-way: 

  • Member Benefits 

  • Blogs

  • Postcast

  • Webseries 


Being a member of the Home capital Community, one gets Personalized attention and advice on how to proceed best with your home buying experience. The community imparts knowledge on the topic like Financial preparation & advice by offering insights, support, and financial tips through their expertise and engagement with industry experts relevant to your home buying financial objectives. Education for home buyers lets you quickly achieve your home buying goals with our easy guides that lead you through the different stages of homeownership.


Once you are prepared to purchase a house with the help of member benefits, and if you are left with some uncertainty and want to obtain knowledge on topics such as how to improve your credit score, GST condensed for Home Buyer, learning the difference between carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area and other related material, you can move further on to blogs.


You can also listen in to find homeownership topics and the latest home shopping from leading Spotify industry experts and acquire the awareness of different topics such as Contract Closing, securing a deal effectively, finding the perfect home, and much more.

Furthermore, the most exciting aspect that I want all of you to know is the community's Web Series that describes crucial topics such as the benefits of purchasing a property, the budget for step-by-step home buying, the eligibility of home loans, and the value of credit score.


There is an endless amount of information on the Home Capital Community that helps the home buyer in all aspects and helps them to buy their dream house.


Also, HomeCapital provides the Home Down Payment Assistance program to connect these apartments with more homebuyers - a program that also financially helps homebuyers in early rather than late buying their dream home. People may think that it is some sort of mortgage program for first time home buyers, however, the truth is that HomeCapital provides assistance on the home down payment and not on the home loan itself. The takeaway is that with home down payment assistance, a buyer can buy his dream home sooner instead of waiting to accumulate funds for the down payment. HomeCapital is the pioneer of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program for homeowners.


Happy learning!