Hobbies During Coronavirus

Author : Melissa charm | Published On : 16 Apr 2024

Owing to the scenario resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, people are spending most of their time at home. All of us now have a little more time and leisure. Hence, this is the right time to take up hobbies that we really enjoy.
These are some of the hobbies that most people can pursue to keep their minds away from disturbing thoughts during this coronavirus pandemic.
•Gardening: Gardening is one of the best hobbies, especially in light of the prevalent COVID situation. Don’t forget that this is not the time to step into                   community  gardens; you invariably have to confine yourself only to your home garden. Now, it will be worthwhile to have a look at the related aspects.
The beauty of gardening is attributable to the fact that it’s a hobby that provides joy to persons of all age-groups. Age is in no way a barrier.
As time is presently not a constraint, you can think about manually pulling out the weed plants. For this you need not depend on toxic herbicides and chemicals; the weeds can be removed just with the hands.
Once you are through with the removal of weeds, it is time to work on giving an enhanced look to your garden. You can now concentrate on pruning and trimming of the lawn. Top Dressing the lawn is an important element that you must not miss, as well.
Make good use of the available time by making the kids participate in gardening activities. When kids share the work pertaining to growing garden plants, they get to appreciate the magnificence of nature. Also, children would get sufficient physical exercise, when they take part in gardening and this keeps them healthy.
Just because many of the horticulture centers and nurseries are currently closed doesn’t mean that you can’t buy plants and seeds. Several garden stores are carrying out sales on the Internet. You only have to place the order and the items will arrive at your doorstep.
Even if there is no open space for your home, you can still pursue gardening with no issues. Here, direct your efforts towards growing container garden plants.
•Collecting Photos: You could be having numerous digital photos saved on your phone and computer. Now, with so much leisure for you, take prints of these       photos and stick them in a scrapbook. Every photo has a memory connected to it and the scrapbook will become the storehouse of all your precious memories.   If you cannot print these photos, you could atleast organize the photographs. Renaming the photos with user-friendly file names and organizing the files under   meaningfully organized folders and folder names would be another leisure activity, that not only allows you to refresh your memory but also help to retrieve the   pics easily in the future.
•Reading: Reading is one more excellent hobby that deserves to find a place in your daily routine of the lockdown period. Your preference could either be an e-     book or the traditional paperback. Whatever form of reading you choose, it not just keeps you occupied, but contributes to your knowledge, too.
•Painting: Not many people are aware of the fact that painting works as a medicine to combat stress. And, these are the times when the stress levels are quite     high for almost everyone, due to the pandemic. Thus, just get the paintbrush and canvas and start to learn the various patterns of painting.
•New Language: You could be interested in learning a new language for a long time but were unable to do that, due to a shortage of time. If that is the case,     utilize this phase of self-isolation and begin taking the language lessons. Here again, you don’t have to step out of your home; there are numerous online   sources for the purpose on hand.
•Musical Instrument: You have the choice of taking your interest in music to the next level where you can learn to play a musical instrument. There are several     tutorials on YouTube conducting free online classes. Sign up for these tutorials and it won’t be too long before you start playing melodious tunes on your       favorite  instrument.
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