He is a do-it-all running back

Author : Best mengqin | Published On : 19 Sep 2021

Davante Adam was part of the "99 Club" and is the most valuable receiver in Mut 22 Coins the entire game. Za'DariusSmith is the opposing one, currently ranked as the 10th best edge rusher. He wasn't happy about this, but it provided an additional bulletin board and motivation for the Packers the top pass rusher.

Now, we have another Madden rating. The running back's rating Aaron Jones was revealed, as well as the other running backs in the top 10.

Jones is the sixth highest rated back on the field with an overall 91 rating.Jones is coming off his best season when he ran the ball over 201 times for 1,104 yards with nine touchdowns. The most appealing thing about Jones is that he's also an extremely dangerous threat when it comes to passing. Jones took 47 of the passes he was given last year for 355 yards , and scored a pair touchdowns. He is a do-it-all running back.

He could have left Green Bay and made a considerable amount of money, but He chose to go back to Green Bay to play for the Packers on a slightly, but not significantly, cheap contract. He was given a $48-million, four-year contract by Packers however it looks more like a two-year contract. The Packers could always make an agreement with him in order to extend the contract.

Jones is ahead of Christian McCaffrey (97 overall), Derrick Henry (96) and Nick Chubb (96), Dalvin cook (95) as well as Alvin Kamara (94) in Buy Madden Coins the Madden ratings. Jones is ahead Saquon Barkley (90), Josh Jacobs (89) and Ezekiel Elliott (88).