Hand Sanitizing Stations – Offering A Must Piece for Every Office & Public Place Sanitizer

Author : James Butterfield | Published On : 15 Sep 2021

Sanitization is the most important for every individual. Every office, restaurant, mall, and all public gathering places have this sanitizing facility on their premises. This COVID 19 has made us realize the importance of sanitization and its essence. 
Now people have become aware of the importance of sanitization in their life. People always have their pocket sanitizer, which they carry along with them to all the places. 
Because of this COVID 19, people are now using this sanitizer at a regular interval. Now the major institutes, shopping malls, government offices, and all public places have Hand Sanitizing Stations of their own. 
People also have become aware of the importance of sanitizer, and they are also demanding the major workplaces to install Sanitizing Stands and Stations on their premises. 
Features of the Automated Banner Stand Hand Sanitizing Stations
• Promotes safety and hygiene- this sanitizing station helps in keeping the hand clean and sanitized all the time. With this automated hand sanitizing dispenser, you just need to place the hand under the dispenser, and after that, you will get a sufficient amount of hand sanitizing solution just on your palm.
• Mess-free use- it also helps in keeping your floor surfaces neat, clean and dry. This automated dispenser comes with an inbuilt drip catcher, which prevents any sanitizing liquid from falling on the floor. That’s the reason people are more interested in having these Hand Sanitizing Stations on their premises. 
• Easy filling and refilling- it has a refillable 1500ml inner bottle. If you wish, you can refill this refillable bottle with any of your preferred gel or liquid sanitizing stations. 
Assembles in Minutes- you can easily assemble this Hand Sanitizing Station and make it standing and running within few minutes. It would help if you no had all the complicated tools out there to assemble these automated sanitizing stations. Places for which this Sanitizing Stands and Stations are suitable- 
• Bathroom
• Kitchen
• Offices
• Hospitals
• Hotels
• Medical Institutions
• Public Places
• Schools, colleges, and other educational institutes
Why is there a need to have automated no-touch Hand Sanitizing Stations?
• It saves the time which gets wasted while washing the hands with soap and water.
• Create an encouragement in the children so that they get more willing to wash their dirty hand
• It makes life quite easier.
• Prevent from the harmful germs
• Keeps the floor clean 
Traditional hand sanitizing solutions have a button that needs to be touched with hands to disperse the sanitizing gel. But with these no-touch sanitizing stands, you can easily have an adequate amount of this sanitizing solution. 
You also get an option of sanitizing stands which need to be gently pressed via the leg. This way also helps in preventing the direct hand touch with the sanitizing stands.  
Minimizes the contact for the increased sanitization; no-touch facility helps in the minimal contact so that there is less chance of spreading of the germs. 
In these no-touch Hand Sanitizing Stations, you get an additional benefit of motion sensors to deliver powerful sanitizing solutions for quick and convenient action.