Gold-Making Guide: Essential Tips for Beginners in Elder Scrolls Online

Author : igmeet esogold | Published On : 10 Jan 2024

Within ESO, gold serves as the currency enabling players to acquire potions, houses, new gear, motifs, and contribute to trader guilds or assist friends. It's also instrumental in purchasing materials essential for crafting new gear. Various methods exist for amassing gold in the game, with a focus on selling items constituting the most effective approach. While direct sales are an option, utilizing a Guild Trader provides a streamlined method for putting items up for sale. Additionally, exploring what fellow players are offering for sale serves as a valuable insight into item values. Here are some top methods for accruing wealth in ESO.

Farm Valuable Sets:

Explore the vast landscapes of Tamriel in pursuit of powerful and sought-after armor sets. Engage in challenging battles and conquer formidable foes to acquire these sets, not just for your personal strength but also as valuable assets for trade. As you build your collection of coveted sets, watch your wealth grow along with your prowess on the battlefield.

Farming Chests:

Roam the hidden corners and forgotten realms, seeking out chests laden with treasures. From ancient dungeons to secluded landscapes, these chests hold not only artifacts but also the potential for substantial gold gains. Make chest farming a thrilling adventure, turning exploration into a lucrative pursuit that fills your coffers with the spoils of discovery.


Unleash the artisan within and turn crafting into a gold-generating enterprise. Master the intricate art of creating potent weapons, armor, and consumables that are in high demand among adventurers. Offer your crafted goods in the bustling markets of Tamriel, establishing yourself as a sought-after craftsman. Your skills not only enhance your gear but also become a source of steady income.

Harvest Materials:

Traverse the diverse landscapes of Tamriel, gathering valuable materials that can be transformed into gold. From mining precious ores to collecting rare herbs, every resource you harvest contributes to your financial prosperity. Material farming isn't just a means to an end; it's a strategic pursuit that turns the bounty of nature into a source of enduring wealth.


Embrace the shadows and engage in stealthy activities to fill your pockets with ill-gotten gains. From pilfering valuables in crowded marketplaces to infiltrating secure locations, thievery can be a lucrative venture when executed with finesse. Turn the thrill of stealing into a strategic pursuit, accumulating gold through cunning and stealth.

Embark on a diverse journey through these five distinctive paths, each offering a unique approach to amassing gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether battling for powerful sets, uncovering treasures in hidden chests, crafting sought-after items, harvesting valuable materials, or engaging in the art of thievery, let each method contribute to the grandeur of your wealth. The realms of Tamriel await your entrepreneurial spirit—forge your destiny and amass a fortune that echoes across the lands. If you don’t have enough time to earn ESO Gold, you can go to the professional Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold Online Store to buy some to help you enjoy life better. It is recommended that you visit