Get the best shelving solutions with Selective Pallet Racks

Author : Howell United | Published On : 24 Dec 2021

If you are looking for an ideal racking system that allows versatility through its immediate access and benefits, then you should be choosing Selective Pallet Racks. With this racking system, you can use the floor space efficiently and load and unload a large variety of products very fast. The most used layout for selective racking is single rows placed on walls and back-to-back rows placed between. However, before placing the pallet racks, you must also consider the existing floor space, the warehouse height, weight and size of the pallet, and the pallet jack dimensions.

What are the features you get with selective pallet racks?

The very first advantage of the Pallet Racking Singapore is that they have direct and easy access to every stored product. Moreover, you can cut the labor cost because you can handle only the pallet load you require. You don't have to move unnecessary items because every product is in its place. You also have better inventory control because every position is one pallet, allowing you to see what you possess. The pallet racks offer load flexibility in terms of your loads' weight, volume, and size. You can also adjust the in-between height of the shelves for better fitting, and you can add wire decking to accommodate non-rackable pallets. Hence with pallet racks, you are using the vertical storage face of the warehouse. This will make your product safer from impossible accidents and also improve the appearance and accessibility of the layout. The main components of Selective Pallet Racks are beams, shims, upright frames, row spacers, seismic and non-seismic footplates, and anchor bolts. Hence you can easily set up the system in your facility and have easy and fast access to every pallet load. So hurry up and get selective pallet rack systems for your warehouse now.