Flowers Names in English

Author : Flowers Names | Published On : 23 Mar 2024

Flowers are not the most beautiful visually, but they also possess a myriad of scents, colors, symbols, sizes and shapes. Here is a brief overview of these aspects:

Scents: Flowers are available in a wide variety of scents, from candy and floral to musky and spicy. Some plants have a strong, appealing scent, while others are more diffuse or perhaps even scentless.

Color: Flowers exhibit a beautiful array of colors, such as purple, yellow, orange, purple, purple, blue, and white. Some plant life displays more than one color in a single flower.

Symbolism: Flowers were colored with symbolic meaning in diverse cultures and traditions. They often represent emotions, feelings and thoughts, along with love, friendship, purity and remembrance.

Size: Flowers range in size, from small, delicate flowers to large, unusual flowers. The size of a flower can greatly affect its visual appeal and general presence.

Shapes: Flowers come in a variety of shapes, such as spherical, celebrity-like, bell-shaped, tubular, and asymmetrical shapes. The shape of a flower can contribute to its uniqueness and aesthetic appeal. Did you know that learning flower names in Hindi with pictures is very amazing? 

List of Flowers Names:

  1. Rose
  2. Lily
  3. Jasmine 
  4. Sunflower 
  5. Tulip 
  6. Orchid
  7. Marigold 
  8. Daisy
  9. Lotus 
  10. Lavender 
  11. Carnation 
  12. Chrysanthemum 
  13. Daffodil 
  14. Hibiscus
  15. Gerbera 
  16. Peony
  17. Cosmos 
  18. Poppy 
  19. Hydrangea 
  20. Iris 
  21. Snapdragon 
  22. Zinnia
  23. Azalea 
  24. Gladiolus
  25. Magnolia 
  26. Bird of Paradise
  27. Pansy 
  28. Ranunculus 
  29. Anthurium 
  30. Freesia 
  31. Dianthus 
  32. Foxglove 
  33. Bougainvillea 
  34. Forget-me-not
  35. Aster
  36. Morning Glory 
  37. Sweet Pea
  38. Delphinium
  39. Calla Lily 
  40. Camellia
  41. Alstroemeria
  42. Gardenia 
  43. Lisianthus
  44. Queen Anne's Lace 
  45. Sweet William
  46. Statice 
  47. Nigella
  48. Stock
  49. Bluebell 
  50. Asterisk