Everything You Want to Know About Customize Printable Board Game Online

Author : Board Game L | Published On : 21 Mar 2023

Do you want to know how to turn a game design idea into a great board game? When talking to a board game maker about the manufacturing process details, there are lots of things to be decided from choosing materials for different board game components to printing a board game box. Before you order a sample of a printable board game online, there are a few important steps to make sure what you will receive is exactly matching your game design idea.

Firstly, paper, wood, plastic and metal are the most common materials used to manufacture a board game. Among the various board game materials, papers are vastly used to make a printable board game, including board game boxes to components of playing cards, punch boards, rule books, etc. For example, the paper used for a board game box can come in various thicknesses and sizes depending on how durable you wish the game to be, how big it is, and the overall look and feel you desire. You can use Eastar Tools to help confirm the template when making your custom printable board game online.

Besides, if you want to see a sample board game box from a board game maker to add creative game design for you, you can find four types of Eastar custom sample boxes launched with each containing different game components and materials displayed. In addition,the Eastar custom sample box is adjustable from templates to dimensions for our full spectrum board game components. For your reference, we provide greyboard thicknesses from 1.0mm to 3.0mm for the typical lift-off lid board game box with high-resolution printing quality on art paper.

Eastar GM team is dedicated to being a reliable board game maker to bring life to your game design idea. Whether you want to begin with a whole set of printable board games or a single piece of game component, we are delighted to help and be your partner. Contact us>