Emerald Rings That Will Leave You Green with Envy

Author : Bellacosa jewelers | Published On : 13 Oct 2021

Emerald engagement rings in Naperville IL, have slowly and steadily become increasingly popular among brides not only for their rich green hue but for their elegance and timelessness.


This unique gemstone is eye-catching and has an endless choice of cuts, settings, and styles as well as different hues from bright green to darker shades and bluish green which pairs beautifully with any precious metal. This gemstone is ideal for the bride looking for something subtle while statement-making that fits into their budget, style, and lifestyle.


Benefits of an emerald gemstone

Unlike diamonds which are a tough 10 on the Mohs scale, emeralds rate a 7.5 to an 8 making them a softer gemstone and more delicate to cut and shape. While fragile, emerald engagement rings in Homer Glen can still be cut and shaped by skilled and knowledgeable jewelers and are durable enough to be worn daily.


The higher the quality of your emerald gemstone the more expensive it will be. Since emeralds tend to have a lower density than diamonds, you can invest in a bigger emerald gemstone as compared to a diamond for an affordable rate.


When it comes to choosing emerald engagement rings in Western Springs IL, these gemstones are highly versatile, elegant, and beautiful and you need to take into consideration the tone, color, and hue of the green as this can state the quality of the gemstone.


When picking an emerald side or center stone, keep in mind that inclusions are a part of the gemstone and look like tiny lines which add to its overall look and beauty. This all depends on the cut and the setting as some settings can emphasize the flaws while others hide them well.


Emeralds look lovely set-in yellow gold or platinum as it really brings out its hue and color.


In Conclusion

Although emeralds are safe to wear daily, they are fragile gemstones and you need to make sure you don’t knock or bang them on any hard surfaces. Never expose your gemstone to heat, abrasives, chemicals, or cleaners, and avoid wearing your ring while gardening, showering, swimming, or adventuring.


You can take your ring to a professional jeweler for repair, maintenance, and cleaning to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible. In between professional cleanings you can also clean your gemstone at home with warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush and dry well.