Double Band Bridal Rings Make More Room for Diamonds

Author : Vm jewelers | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

No matter what way you do it, double band engagement rings in Castle Pines, Co, are stunning and beyond gorgeous. These bands are unique and one-of-a-kind along with a megawatt sparkle and shine that every bride wants.

Whether you’re in love with an emerald cut, a traditional oval or round cut, or even a vintage marquise or Ascher cut this band is ideal to showcase the beauty of your gemstone and is a modern and fresh way to get your ring to stand out.

While these engagement rings in Centennial, Co can be quite expensive they are very versatile and can be merged or even split into a double ring.

Things to consider before choosing a double band

If you think double diamond rings in Castle Pines, Co is for you then understand that not all bands are alike. Depending on the type of gemstones you pick you can get a top and bottom band that are joined in between or even a band that appears as two in the front but is joined behind.

You can also opt for a band that looks elegant without a center stone for brides looking for something minimal and low-key. This band can either have smaller side diamonds or sapphires and look just as beautiful.

No matter what type of band you pick always visit a reliable and trusted jeweler so that you can get a ring of high quality along with a certification for the gemstones and metal. When picking gemstones never go in for cheap or low prices, visit a professional jeweler and check what the current market prices are, and then decide.

Some brides even pick sapphires, rubies, or other gemstones that are more affordable than diamonds and just as valuable and stunning. You can even pick colored diamonds which are most cost-effective than colorless diamonds.

The Takeaway

Your double band ring should have two main properties to look stunning and elegant, a gemstone that makes it pop and a unique look. When choosing a band, try picking metals like platinum, rose gold, or white gold with a marquise or a pear-shaped diamond and split in front and joined at the back. This allows your ring to sparkle more and accentuates the gemstone. Diamonds go well with platinum and rose gold as this metal gives it a glimmer and brings out their natural fire and brilliance.