Does Your Business Need to Screen Customers' Age?

Author : Emily Clarke | Published On : 06 May 2021

In recent years, the number of online purchases has substantially increased, leading to a wave of new regulations regarding online commerce. With more mobile online access, retailers and merchants are now facing additional challenges, including how to efficiently regulate age-restricted goods and services.

If your business sells age-restricted goods or services, simply asking for a date of birth is not enough to comply with current legislation anymore. By not properly identifying and vetting online customers, your business may be vulnerable to hefty fines, reputational damage, and loss of business, among other negative effects.

To prevent these damaging repercussions, your business may need to invest in an age verification system that will empower you to sell your goods and services responsibly and within the confines of the law.

Not sure if your business needs to screen customers’ age? Here are five examples of industries that would benefit from ID and age verification solutions.

Online gaming

Excessive online gaming can be harmful to teens and children. Not to mention, online game play can often lead to harmful interactions between players, such as bullying or scamming. Many online games also contain graphic content that is not suitable for children and young teens. As such, gaming companies should restrict their game usage with an age verification tool to protect minors from potentially harmful situations and side effects.

Addictive substances

The alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis industries have a responsibility to carefully screen customers’ age due to the addictive qualities of the products they sell. Additionally, the sale of nicotine products, cannabis products, and alcohol is strictly regulated in America, so retailers must adhere to the law by carefully identifying and verifying their customers’ ages before completing a sale.

Online dating

Underage dating can put minors in harmful, dangerous, and sometimes even life-threatening situations. It can also have lasting mental health effects for minors who are subject to emotional or physical abuse. As a result, online dating apps and websites should be using enhanced age verification tools that effectively prevent minors from gaining access to their content.

Online gambling

Online gambling is highly addictive, which can be dangerous for youngsters. Because users can make money instantly, online gambling is very popular and underage website users often easily gain access.

Online gambling websites should maintain strict age verification checks to prevent minors from establishing bad habits.

For many businesses, age verification tools are essential for maintaining safe and lawful business practices. If your company sells products or goods that have the potential to harm consumers who are minors, you should be using an age verification tool to ensure responsible business practices.

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