Do You Know About Baby Heart Surgery?

Author : riya dev | Published On : 02 Sep 2021

The disease can be transmitted directly to the heart or to a blood vessel outside the heart. In most cases, a single surgery can improve the condition, but depending on the disease, experts at Pediatric pacemaker implantation surgery Coimbatore may suggest a number of procedures. Early detection and treatment with advanced technology have significantly improved the lives of newborns. 

Symptoms you are looking for:

  • Blue or gray skin: this indicates that the flow of oxygen in the blood is not enough.

  • Labored breathing

  • Arrhythmia: the heartbeat or rhythm is not normal.

  • Lack of growth and development in the child or poor diet and sleep.

  • Open heart surgery

Among the various pediatric heart treatments, open heart surgery is very common. Open heart surgery is when the surgeon uses a heart-lung bypass machine. The child receives general anesthesia, which means that she is completely unconscious and does not feel pain. The surgeon makes an incision in the breastbone. Blood circulates through tubes through a special machine called a heart-lung bypass machine. This device also adds oxygen to keep your blood warm. Helps blood circulate throughout the body while the surgeon performs the operation. Turning on the machine can stop the repair of heart valves, heart muscles, or arteries outside of the heart. Once repaired, the machine is removed and the heart can function as usual.

Heart defects can also be corrected by making an incision between the ligaments on the side of the chest, called a tracheostomy, also called closed heart surgery. Special equipment, including a camera, is used to perform this type of surgery.

The third type of treatment involves inserting a thin tube into the artery in the foot and extending it to the heart. But in this way, a limited number of defects can be corrected.

Children's heart hospitals often have specialists, surgeons, nurses, and technicians trained for this purpose.

After surgery, your child may need to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days for postoperative care.