Destination Weddings - Where Are the Most Memorable Places to Tie the Knot?

Author : Farley Dougherty | Published On : 04 Apr 2022

Having a destination wedding can be a tremendously memorable experience. Just think about it. Rather than holding the ceremony locally at a place you've seen many times, you can travel to an exotic location to exchange your vows. You can even combine your wedding and honeymoon into one great vacation. The only real downside of a destination wedding is in relation to the guests. There are costs involved for people who will attend the wedding and, therefore, your guest list may end up being small.

Nonetheless, this downside to destination weddings can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  Lesser guests can mean a more intimate celebration with special loved ones to share it with.  The fact that you can save on reception venues and catering is not bad, either.

Weddings are very special occasions. They are a much anticipated split Sunset dinner cruise event in one's life and the memories are bound to be greatly treasured.  What better way to experience this momentous affair than to spend it in the most beautiful and scenic locations imaginable?

Major cruise lines sailing the seas of exotic locations such as the Caribbean, Bahamas, and Mexico are offering wedding packages to couples who are in for the experience of their lifetime. These places are nothing short of a tropical paradise that offers you romantic wedding locations of pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. You can wed onboard the ship with the picturesque sunset in the background or you can choose to wed by the sun kissed beaches with powder fine white sand on your toes. The options are just limitless.

Moreover, destination weddings can save you more money compared to a traditional wedding at home.  Cruise weddings allow you to enjoy your wedding and your honeymoon at the same time. No more splitting of costs. You can spare yourself from the long and painful deliberation of choosing a perfect honeymoon over a perfect wedding or vice versa.  By wedding on a cruise, you can have both!

Cruise weddings also allow you to immediately enjoy your honeymoon without having to go through the hassle of traveling between your "I dos".  No more chances of ruining the romantic atmosphere by waiting in the airports and dealing with long lines. No more spending days and weeks trying to coordinate your travel plans to coincide with the end of the reception. Destination weddings will just allow you to enjoy the whole affair in pure romantic bliss through and through. What else can you ask for?