Author : Issa team | Published On : 14 Aug 2021

DERMAMELAN TREATMENT IN DELHI is utilized to lessen pigmentation in the skin that is brought about by hormonal changes. It incorporates conditions like melasma, chloasma, and lentigo. It is additionally used to diminish sun harm to the skin. It is very successful and worth the cash spent on it. It expands the general sparkle of the skin and causes it to seem much more youthful. It contains a ton of fixings that are represented considerable authority in skin lighting up. It incorporates Kojic Acid, Phytic Acid, and Ascorbic asic fundamentally. These fixings block melanin creation and subsequently help in diminishing brown complexion development. Alongside easing up the skin staining, this interaction additionally assists with halting it totally.



Step 1 – A thorough consultation is done with the doctor for dermamelan treatment. 

Step 2 – The skin is cleaned and dermamelan peel is applied.

Step 3 – The peel is left to sit for 20 minutes 

Step 4 – The peel is removed and the skin is cleansed 

Step 5 – Skin products are given for a month to be used on the skin. 



Post-treatment for Dermamelan treatment in Mumbai is very essential for dermamelan treatment. There are a whole bunch of procedures to be done in the first month after the treatment. 

  1. Visit the doctor after 21 days and after that on the 42nd day
  2. The mask provided by the clinic is removed after 12 hours at home 
  3. Wash your face with a natural cleanser
  4. Apply the dermamelan skin treatment cream to the skin three times a day for the first month
  5. Apply it two times a day for the second month
  6. Make it one time a day for the third month

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