Currency Trading Training in Chennai

Author : Vasugi S | Published On : 24 Nov 2021

What is Currency Trading?

Currency Trading is simply the exchange of currencies between two traders or people. In the earlier days, people used to trade commodities such as grains, seeds, and salts. Later on, users started to trade currencies made of metals such as gold and silver. Traders and bankers traded currencies for the import and export of commodities across the globe. After the internet got accessible even common people could start trading in the market.

How can we learn currency trading?

Currency trading like any other business has pros and cons. Every business will get successful depending on the market and how the business is carried out, it is the same for currency trading.

Before starting to trade currency the user must understand the market and know how the market moves. The people interested in trading should learn the basics of the market. There are many ways an individual can learn currency trading, they are

  • Trading training institute
  • YouTube videos
  • Market news

Trading Training Institute:

There are many currency trading institutes available in Chennai. Find the one that is nearby to you who provides a good learning opportunity. The trading institute should provide courses for all individuals in a proper manner.

YouTube Videos:

People who are willing to learn trading can learn by watching YouTube trading videos available online and learn how the market works.

Market news:

Individuals can learn trading by following the market news and studying the market and its movements.

Why fido academy?

The Fido Academy is a trading institute that provides currency trading training in Chennai and around the globe. They has 15+ years of trading experience staffs providing full insights on the market with its movements. We provide courses depending on each individual’s skillset and knowledge.

Courses The Fido Academy provides:

There are different forex trading courses based on the knowledge of the clients. Basically we provide forex trading course such as beginner trading course for beginner traders and advanced forex course for traders who know the basics.

Each course has theoretical and practical session making is easier for the participants to learn currency trading.

Topic covered in Forex Beginner Course

  •  Introduction to Forex
  •  What is trading
  •  Basics of Forex
  •  Risk Management
  •  Market Analysis
  •  Trading Psychology
  •  Trading process
  •  MT4 Trading Platform Setup

Topic covered in Advanced Forex Course

  • Pillars of Trading
  •  Market Setup and Accounts
  •  Risk Management
  •  Numeric Analysis
  •  Market Analysis Strategy
  •  Trade Management
  •  Tools & Websites
  •  Practical Sessions

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