Corporate Apartment Vs Hotels Which Should You Consider

Author : Sheetal Infra | Published On : 13 Jan 2022


Corporate Apartment Vs Hotels Which Should You Consider

The effect of Covid-19 on hotel and hospitality businesses has been a stumbling block. Since businesses are returning to normal and travel reinstated, business trips are returning to their peak local and international. Travelers and corporate employees are searching for low-cost options that do not compromise on amenities. That's where the corporate apartments , or often referred to as service apartments enter the picture. A number of reputable and large builders are currently building apartments that could be easily converted to corporate apartment buildings.

What exactly is a corporate home and how does it perform better among travelers? A younger version of a hotel Corporate apartments offer all the amenities hotels provide however at a lower expense. Fully furnished, they are available for short-term rentals as well as long-term leases. In case the debate rages between corporate apartments and Hotels Here's some reasons to why corporate apartments are the first option.


Image:- 4bhk Flats in Ahmedabad- Sheetal Infra


1.) Luxury of Space

Hotels can be extremely congested and paying for an extra space could cost you an arm and an arm. Contrary to this, the service apartment is a normal sized studio that can include the option of having one, two or three bedrooms in the same unit. A set-up like this can provide 30 to 50 percent more space than an standard hotel room. This gives you the space you need to unwind.

2) A Kitchen

If you're planning to stay longer, a kitchen can be definitely a benefit. The 3bhk apartments of Ahmedabad are converted into service apartments that are available for those who want to stay longer. They are equipped with large, well-equipped large kitchens and spacious living spaces, these corporate homes offer plenty of opportunities to cook home-cooked meals as well as healthier meals.

3.) High End Comfort

In general , service apartments provide modern technology within and outside of living areas. The apartments are perfect and are designed to meet the requirements of renters as well as the conveniences of a housing society.

Even though your usual hotel could provide the best amenities at a high cost, a corporate office includes standard amenities in these. They include:

  • Flat Screen
  • Living room
  • Wifi Connection
  • Furniture
  • Spacious room
  • Dishwasher and washing machine

In addition, many corporate homes are now offering housekeeping as well as butler and chef on call, as in addition to medical assistance.

4) Great Value For Longer Stay

Concerning the hotel vs corporate apartment debate, another argument for corporate apartments is the fact that they are affordable for those looking to lease out their properties for extended periods of time. Service apartments come with all the amenities of a home and come with extravagant facilities. Furthermore, you don't need to pay an extra fee for services like dishes, laundry or other advantages of five star hotels. These are great for families searching for luxury 3bhk and 4 bhk apartments spaces in their preferred location of vacation destination.

5) Located Where Locals live.

Hotels tend to be closer to popular tourist destinations. Corporate apartments, on contrary, tend to be located closer to apartments for residential use and offer great chances to live in peace.

You can be assured that these apartments are great for diplomats, expats and expats as well as families and employees of corporations seeking elegant luxury and yet cost-effective accommodations.

If you're trying to build an office space that will yield a significant amount of income or even a second income, these well-placed strategically located homes in the middle of Ahmedabad should not be overlooked! For tips on how to select the most reliable builder this is a short 2 minutes review!