Complete Guide to Pool Parties of Las Vegas

Author : Sheets VIP | Published On : 04 May 2021

Let March come and it seems Las Vegas Nightclub Table Prices is all set for its popular pool parties. Las Vegas is known for its night clubs and parties that people can enjoy throughout the night but its pool parties during the day are also no less. The best pool parties in Las Vegas have younger crowd, big spenders, eager men, International DJs, free-flowing-alcohol, and you may even get a chance to come across a celebrity. Just imagine the craziness: all these things under the hot sun in the desert and thousands of people having all the fun of their life.

Here is a guide to tell you about the bottle services and Daylight Beach Club table prices and cabanas:

  1. Rise of Daylight Beach Club: Opened in 2013, Daylight Beach Club got its idea from popular pool parties of Ushuaia in Ibiza but located in Mandalay Bay Hotel, Daylight Beach Club had to struggle to come to the top. Its original name was Electronic Dance Music Venue but they changed it into an open theatre style venue. They are open only on Friday to Sunday in the summers from March to October. The timings are 11am to 5pm. The price range to book a table or bed depends on the day of the week you choose. But the starting price of some of the well-known clubs such as Wet Republic and Encore Beach Club can be as high as $5000 to $8000 on the busy days. The Daylight Beach Club Table prices change according to demand and there are chances that you may get a bed only for $250 but not on the weekends. Otherwise, if you want very affordable price, it starts from $500 on weekends.
  2. Bottle Services and Pricing: If you really want to have full value for your money at a Daylight Beach Club, you need to experience bottle services. Your experience is incomplete without bottle services. In order to get this service, you have to preplan which place you will like most to have your table and make the reservations. Compared to night clubs, you have more options such as day beds, cabanas, bungalows, and couches at Daylight Clubs. You will even find tables in the pool in some of the clubs.

The best thing about getting bottle service in Las Vegas is that if you spent a certain amount in a club, you get this service for free. You can reserve a table for the whole day in Las Vegas Clubs and get unlimited mock tails and juices. If you do not make any reservations for bottle services, you still can get it but after little hassle which might spoil the fun. In some clubs, few factors, such as day of the week, DJ services, the reputation of the club, location of the table, can influence the price of bottle services but it is affordable everywhere.

Since there is a good range of prices of pool parties, you can contact Sheets VIP to get a detailed knowledge of pool parties and reserve one according to your taste. You will get full assistance from their staff also on issues of you have any.