Common Sump Pump Problems

Author : Becky Joseph Joseph | Published On : 04 Jan 2022


A sump pump acts as the first line of defense against flooding. If you’ve a basement, you’ll know the importance of maintaining your sump pump. While the sump pump is one of the best ways to deal with basement flooding, it could worsen the existing condition when it fails. Even the best ones tend to fail over time due to various reasons. Knowing the common sump problems can help you make informed decisions and prevent basement flooding.

So, why do the Sump Pump Fail?

Well, they’re mechanical devices and prone to malfunction due to various reasons over time. Most sum pumps require a power source, and when it fails, the pumps too fail. In addition, poorly designed and cheaply built sump pumps can give sooner than they should, and improper installation can also cause sump pumps to work inefficiently.

Here are the most common sump problems as suggested by plumber Markham:-

Overwhelmed Sump Pump

There might come a time where a single pump won’t be enough to handle a wet basement. The pump might not be reliable and powerful to handle the pressure and volume of water pouring in it, especially during heavy rain. The quality of the sump pump matters a lot. Cheap, plastic pipes are more likely to fail and burst when you need it the most. If your sump pipe is too old or made of poor quality materials, upgrade your sump pump and add a battery backup.

Power Failure

This is probably one of the major causes of sump pump failure. Your sump pump is no different from any other electrical appliance in your house. Without power, your sump pump won’t work. It’s better to invest in a high-quality back-up sump pump to avoid flooding in your basement during a power outage.

Clogged Switches and Sump Pump

There are a lot of reasons that can cause the switch that’s integrated with the sump pump to fail. The cause of the broken switch might be dirt or debris in the sump pit. Also, the float switch to maintain the sum pump may be stuck. Emergency plumber Markham can inspect and determine whether you need some basic maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Lack of Maintenance

Fortunately, maintaining a sump pump is hassle-free. All you need to do is pour some water into the crock occasionally to keep it running and lubricated, especially during dry spells. But, this is often overlooked by most homeowners. If you can’t maintain your pumps regularly, please call a professional plumber to ensure the sump pump is prepared for upcoming rain showers and thunderstorms.

Whether you need help with sump pump repairs or drain cleaning Markham, a reputed plumber can help you.

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