Cold knowledge about laser pointers

Author : Wallis Lucy | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

Laser pointer, also known as laser pointer, is a pen-shaped transmitter designed to be portable, easy to hold, and processed into a laser module with visible laser. It is usually used by people in conferences, teaching, and tour guides to project a light spot or a light directed at an object. Laser pointers are often used as an eye-catching point in education and business presentations and visual demonstrations. The red laser pointer can be used in almost any indoor or low-light situation, pointing out that manual details may cause inconvenience, such as construction work or interior decoration.

Features of laser pointer

1. The high power laser pointer has more than one beam color, it has red, green, blue, orange, etc. Among them, the spectrum of the human eye in the green region is the most sensitive, which seems to be brighter than other colors, and is sensitive to red or blue wavelengths. decline.
2. Red and orange are the simplest lasers; yellow laser pointers are extremely rare in the market, unstable and low in efficiency. The output power is 1-10mW with temperature changes, and mode jumps will occur if overheated or overcooled.
3. Green light is a solid-state laser. Some green lasers work in pulse or quasi-continuous mode to reduce cooling problems and extend battery life.
4. Blue laser pointers usually have the same infrastructure as a green laser. Blue lasers can also directly produce indium gallium nitride semiconductors to produce blue light without frequency doubling; blue-violet light can be constructed with gallium nitride semiconductor lasers to emit at 405nm Purple light beam.

Laser pointer can be used in industry. For example, construction companies may use high-quality laser pointers to improve the accuracy of displaying specific distances while working on large projects. It can also be used in scientific research fields, such as photonics, chemistry, physics, etc.