Choosing the Right Stone for your Engagement Ring

Author : Argo & Lehne Argolehne | Published On : 25 Nov 2021

Rings are the most important and versatile pieces of jewelry that can be worn by anyone to symbolize their style, personality, commitment to the relationship, and more. Being highly personalized they hold a lot of sentimental value and you need to understand the various aspects that go into it.

When picking gemstones for your engagement rings in Columbus, take into account how durable and unique it is. For example, diamonds shimmer and shine and are a tough ten on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that it doesn’t get scratched, worn out, or damaged easily making it great for daily wear.

The best types of gemstones for your ring

Here are some of the best gemstones that you can set on your engagement or wedding ring.


Diamond rings in Columbus are classy and timeless and the most durable gemstones for wedding or engagement rings. These gemstones are long-lasting and resilient and only one diamond can scratch another diamond.


These garden green gemstones can be found in any jewelry store in Columbus and represent love, fertility, and loyalty. Emeralds are slightly softer than diamonds and even though they can be worn daily, they should be removed before any activity in case they get scratched or chipped.


Rubies are tough and durable and follow diamonds on the Mohs scale at a nine. These gemstones were used by royalty and are vibrant, passionate, and symbolize love. It’s a great gemstone to wear daily and you can always pair it with a platinum band for added effect and shine.


Sapphires come in a variety of colors and hues with royal and sea blue being the most popular and sought-after shades. This gemstone represents wisdom and similar to rubies are tough and durable.


This gemstone is rare and beautiful and comes in purple and blue shades. It’s only found in one area in the world, and that is Tanzania. This gemstone is said to have calming and pure qualities. Tanzanite is a six on the Mohs scale making it softer than other gemstones, and even though it can be worn daily, you need to store it safely away while cleaning, cooking, showering, gardening, and doing other activities as it can scratch easily.

In Summary

When picking a gemstone, don’t just go for what’s trendy and popular but choose something that reflects your style, personality, lifestyle, and is durable and tough enough to wear daily without worrying about it breaking, chipping, or getting scratched.