Check These Quality Textured Abstract Painting Types & Ideas from Madhavfineart

Author : Mark Barbara | Published On : 02 Sep 2021

Texture painting provides a striking look to your house. It is useful to cover drywall as it has heavy consistency due to the presence of grains of sands and gypsum that is bound by a water-thinned binder. The use of Textured Abstract Painting makes a rough patterned effect on the wall.

The heavy consistency and thickness make it useful for different things like covering joints in drywall and painting drywall without priming. This paint can be easily applied on the surface of walls and can also provide better texture over wallpaper.

You should always check the quality of paint applied before spraying the texture paint over the walls.

Smooth Texture Paint

It is lighter as compared to other texture paints because it doesn't consist of sand grains, and that's why it provides a smooth structure. These paints are heavy and thick, so a putty plate is needed for the application. The heaviness renders the look of plaster.

Premixed Sand Texture Paint

Premix texture paint consists of sand grains. These paints are directly applied because they don't provide a fine finish and so imperfections are visible. These types of paints are given second preference and are usually used to paint ceilings.

Self (Post)-Mixing Texture Paint

These are a mixture of base paint and sand additives. Making this paint is a DIY process that requires the addition of sand grains and paints of your choice.

Knockdown Texture Paint

This paint is usually used in the bedroom, hallways and living room. It requires spraying paint of about 1/8 inch thick, after which the high points are knockdown by using a putty plate. This provides a tough and durable texture to the paint.

Popcorn Texture Paint

This paint has an appearance like popcorn, hence the name. The addition of styrofoam gives a fluffy appearance to the paint. Application of paint with regular paint is quite difficult because it needs special texture spray. This Abstract Painting covers the imperfections and makes a perfect finish.