Carbon Steel API 5L Pipe suppliers – a name of quality products

Author : Tycoon Piping Solution | Published On : 10 Sep 2021

API 5L Seamless Pipe is utilized to transport water, oil, and gas, among other applications. Water supply systems and natural gas pipelines can also benefit from API 5L ERW pipes. Both the PSL1 and PSL2 versions of API 5L Pipe have distinct compositions and mechanical characteristics. The outside diameter of the API 5l Welded Pipe can range from 2 inches to 24 inches. There are schedules 10 through XXS, as well as bespoke sizes, and the wall thicknesses vary.


There is 0.24 percent carbon in the API 5L PSL1 and manganese, phosphorus, and sulfur. There is 0.45 percent silicon in the API 5L PSL1, as well as 0.10 percent vanadium, 0.05 percent niobium, and 0.04 percent titanium. There are also differences in testing, certification, and traceability whether purchasing PSL 1 or 2. Certificates SR4 and SR15.1 are required for PSL2 but optional for PSL1. 


ASTM A335 Grade P11 Pipe suppliers

It is a seamless ferritic Alloy based stainless steel pipe of A335 grade p11. Chromium-molybdenum alloy is used in the pipe. In the SA335 p11 pipe, these two components enhance its mechanical characteristics. P11 pipe ASME SA335 grade incorporates trace quantities of other elements such as silicon and manganese in addition to these two. These are alloys with higher yield strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and hardness characteristics when chromium is added. In high-temperature applications, the improvement in these characteristics is beneficial for avoiding corrosion. 


ASTM A335 P22 Pipe Suppliers

The A335 P22 is a seamless stainless steel pipe produced from a ferritic alloy. SA335 P22 alloy includes trace quantities of carbon, manganese, sulfur, silicon, and phosphorus. There are two primary additions in stainless steel: chromium and molybdenum. Enhanced and improved properties like toughness, corrosion resistance, and hardness are among them. Molybdenum reduces the brittleness caused by the presence of chrome. 


ASTM A106 Grade B Pipe Suppliers

An ASTM A106 Grade B Welded Pipe often has a ferritic structure. When ASTM A106 Gr B Sch 40 is solution annealed, the heating causes the ferritic – austenitic structure to be restored. Cold drew, or hot-finished ASTM A106 pipe might be used. A106 Grade B Pipes can endure shaping processes such as flanging and bending.Pipes made from carbon steel alloy A106 contain around 0.30 percent of the element carbon.


ASTM A335 P5 Pipe Suppliers

The A335 p5 pipe is a ferritic stainless steel alloy pipe. Chromium and molybdenum are the two main alloying elements in the pipe. The amount of chromium can range from 4 percent to 10 percent, and the percentage of molybdenum is between 0.44 percent and 1.13 percent. In addition to strong tensile strength, moly chrome pipes also offer good hardenability and impact properties. Increased resistance to wear and pitting are some of the characteristics of elastic limits. Tensile strength of ASME SA335 grade P5 pipe varies from 60,000 to 85,000 psi (415 MPa to 585 MPa), and yield strength ranges from 30.000 to 60,000 psi (205 MPa to 415 MPa). Sa335 p5 material pipes have an elongation of around 30 percent.