Canada one of the most 'safe and stable' countries for international students

Author : Tony Johnson | Published On : 06 May 2021

Canada continues to cement its position as one of the most popular study destinations due to its perception as a ‘safe and stable’ country, particularly because of how well it handled the coronavirus pandemic.


This is according to two surveys conducted by Navitas Insights.


Countries considered 'safe and stable' are not necessarily considered as being 'open and welcoming'. However, Canada is one of the top countries considered to be both.


This may come as no surprise since Canada recently started opening its borders to many international students. Those who wish to travel to Canada to continue their studies must be enrolled in a learning institution that has an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. It does not matter where the student is departing from.


The same research was repeated twice: once in May 2020 and another time in September of the same year.


The first research showed Canada as one of the leading countries, the others being Australia and New Zealand. The second time around, Canada further improved its position. However, it was now competing with the United Kingdom.


This shows that Canada is regularly considered as a popular destination for students- Get Student visa Kitchener today


How to study in Canada?


Step 1: Decide which college or university you would like to attend.


Step 2: Decide which field of study or program you wish to study.


Step 3: Apply for the program.


Step 4: Receive a letter of acceptance from your desired institution.


Step 5: Submit an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) with all required documentation, so that you can obtain a study permit.


You will need the letter of acceptance from the institution. You must also prove that you have sufficient funds available to pay for your tuition fees for the first year of study. In addition, you must be in good health and prove that you do not have a criminal record.


If you would like your family to join you in Canada, you may add them to your application. While you study, your spouse can obtain an open work permit. This allows him or her to work for any employer in Canada.