Canada Express Entry Immigration Guide in 2021

Author : Ranjini Devi | Published On : 25 Sep 2021

The Canadian Government set a pathway to immigrate by Express Entry Program. It is the most anticipated option and primary option for people who are willing to migrate to Canada. This program has been introduced on Jan 1, 2015, by the federal government. The express entry generally organizes to target the skilled workers and professionals who are talented enough to contribute towards its overall development and Canadian Economy. Canada Visa Office Bangalore help to get the visa soon with the legal or right process. In this article, you will learn the Canada Express Entry Immigration Guide in 2021:


How To Apply for Express Entry?


There are two steps available for express entry. The first process is, you have to submit your profile in the following documents:

  • Language Test

  • Educational Credential Assessment Report

  • Passport or Travel Document


When you will submit your profile here, then you will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent residency. After that, you have to provide a substantial application which includes the reference letters, additional identity documents, results of medical exams, and police clearance certificates. If you want to stay, study and work in Canada then Genuine Immigration Consultants For Canada In Chennai will provide depth knowledge, technical and information support for the process.


Who is eligible for Express Entry?


The eligibility of the applicants includes study with university or college degree, skilled work experience, and language proficiency in English or French. Applicants who qualify for the programs  can also submit an application under the program:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker

  2. Federal Skilled Trades

  3. Canadian Experience Class


What are the requirements for Express Entry?


Visa Consultants In Bangalore offers the best immigration services to their customers who wish to migrate to developed countries.  The following are the important requirements for express entry as a skilled worker:


  • If you have the eligibility of at least full-time work experience one year in a skilled occupation then you can apply for this program. It can be part-time. 

  • The applicant should be able to demonstrate a minimum of seven languages of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB). He/ She also has moderate proficiency in English or French.

  • The applicant should have complete post-secondary education that is assisted against the standard with an Educational Credential Assessment.


These are the important requirements to apply to the express entry program as a skilled worker. If you complete these requirements doesn’t mean you can receive an invitation to apply. If you have strong profiles as compared to other candidates then you can get easily. Visa Services In Chennai has a team of experts who is very hardworking and help to complete the process for those people who want their future growth.


Thus, the above-mentioned is the guide of Canada’s express entry immigration in 2021. Hope this article will help you. All the Best!