Can we get a refund for our flight ticket to Turkish airlines?

Author : Travohelp Desk | Published On : 03 Mar 2021

Turkish airline is one of the leading names in the travel industry that helps in endowing the best services to its passengers. Today, everyone is aware of the facilities and the amenities that make the travel of the passengers the best one. On this airline, you can make the most of your travel by making Turkish airlines booking.

Sometimes, you get stuck in the circumstances where you have to cancel your “Already booked” flight, and then you have no option but to worry about getting the refund of your flight ticket. But, does this airline provide a refund of the flight ticket? The answer to this question is yes. You can get a refund of the flight ticket if you are cancelling your flight at the scheduled time. No penalty will be charged if you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of the date of purchase.

To get more clarity about the refund of the flight ticket in Turkish airlines, you should go through the refund policy of this airline that will help you get the information about getting the refund of the flight ticket. The policy will make you aware of the rules and regulations of the refund of the flight. Let us read the policy that we are mentioning below.

The refund policy of Turkish airlines:

•          As per the refund policy of the Turkish airlines, the passengers can claim the refund of the flight ticket once they cancel their flight ticket.

•          They need to cancel the refund request form by logging in to the official website of Turkish airlines.

•          Once the passengers raise the request of getting the refund of the flight ticket, the refund will be processed within 6-7 working days after making the request.

This is all about the Turkish airline's refund policy. We hope that the above-mentioned steps are clear to you. If you still have the issue in understanding the policy o refund in Turkish airlines, then you can come in contact with the customer care executives. They will provide you with the relevant information on how you can get a refund of the flight ticket.

You can get more help from the customer support executives by calling on the Turkish airlines customer service number and the executives will help you out with the refund of the ticket and to get the refund. Also, they will be available to cater to your needs and the requirements of the flight ticket and will also go out of the box if you are not able to understand a particular situation or the solution.