Can Flats be Available on a Low Budget in Mumbai?

Author : 34 park estate goregaon | Published On : 07 May 2021

Owning a flat in Mumbai, especially in a posh area of the western region like Bandra, Andheri, Goregaon West, Borivali, etc., is a dream many possess. Finding the right flat involves a lot many things. The locality, proximity to the railway station, car parking space, etc., are indispensable features that we have to look for.

Unfortunately, many a time, we cannot find the right balance. If we get a good location, then we end up shelling out our whole life's savings.

After all, Mumbai is the most desired destination for living. It offers a good quality of life due to the number of facilities and entertainment options you have there.

Mumbai is the city known for its charm of Bollywood, and many big firms are headquartered in the city. The city's growing popularity is attracting people from different parts of the country and is leading to exponential price hikes.

However, with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) introduction, buying affordable homes in Mumbai has been made possible.

Even though the Navi Mumbai region is the most developed place under the MMR project, there have been minor developments made in other regions of Mumbai too. Hence, it is now possible for someone to buy low budget flats in Goregaon West and some neighboring regions.

Giants builders in Goregaon West like Mahindra Lifespaces introduced some schemes of affordable homes in the suburban region of the city for the normal masses to be able to buy properties in their homeland.

It is estimated that nearly 240 flats that are ready to live in will be made available for people upon the completion of the project. Boisar, which lies on the edge of Mumbai, is the topmost choice for developers. The flats will be priced between Rs 11,00,000 to Rs 21,00,000.

For those who wish to buy a good residence in the center of the city itself, buying low budget flats in Goregaon west can be a good way of ensuring the best out of someone's investment. Chandak Group is an esteemed construction company that has undertaken the project in the region.

Although purchasing a flat that will prove to be a pricey deal, it will eventually reap benefits due to the steep appreciation in prices.

In Mumbai and its neighboring regions, where 1RK, 1BHK, and 2BHK are spread nearly across 350 sq ft, 550 sq ft, and 775 sq ft, respectively. The price ranges also vary significantly. The low budget flats in Goregaon west offered by Chandak Group- 34ParkEstate have been offering consistency in the quality of flats and reasonableness in their prices.

Why is Goregaon West so highly sought-after for buying good properties?

Goregaon West is a region in the western region of Mumbai. The nearby locations like Borivali, Kandivali, and Andheri are the most affluent in the city. The whole of the western region of Mumbai, particularly between Bandra and Andheri, is also full of metro multiplicities.

One can find a range of good restaurants, hospitals, cinemas, schools, and colleges in the region.

However, Goregaon is not so expensive in terms of the price of living. Hence, finding low-budget flats in Goregaon west is not so painstaking of a task, and one can nearly be sure to find a reasonably priced flat there with all the facilities. Besides, the residents of the region can also travel throughout the western belt of Mumbai via trains as an important means of public transport.

Signing Off

From this article, you have learned that you can buy a flat in Goregaon West even with a minimum budget. The purposeful neighbourhood one can get if they buy a house in Goregaon West can make every penny of their investment worthwhile.

If you are looking for the best flats in Goregaon west, visit 34ParkEstate, developed by The Chandak Group.