Can a traveler book two seats on a plane for themselves?

Author : Travohelp Desk | Published On : 24 Sep 2021

It is better to take extra precautions and avoid getting infected by the COVID-19 virus. Many travelers might cherish the thought of booking an extra seat to lead a safe and comfortable journey to their destination. That is why several airlines are trying to add this extra seat booking feature to fulfill the needs and requirements of their guests.

For travelers who are hesitating to plan a vacation and facing the question of can I buy two seats on a plane for myself, the answer is yes. Keep reading the article, and you will get all the necessary details about booking two seats on the same plane for a single passenger.

Things to consider while booking an extra seat for yourself

Several airlines allow one extra seat per passenger by asking for some extra booking charges. Also, some airline requires the obese fliers to reserve two seats as per the passenger of size policy put forth. When you choose an extra seat on an airline, you ensure that you get extra legroom and other additional privileges with the ticket you purchase. Read the below given some generic extra seat terms and conditions imposed on most of the airlines:

  • As per the second seat policy, you can contact the airline if you wish to get an extra seat in the name of a single passenger.
  • One can use their non-refundable ticket and buy an adjacent seat by paying some reasonable charges applied by the chosen airline.
  • Many airlines don’t allow you to book an extra seat online, so try and contact the airline if you wish to get an extra seat at a reasonable price.
  • If you wish to book both the seats at the same fare rate, try and initiate the booking on the same day for both seats.
  • At some airlines, getting an extra seat might take time as the airline would assign you an available seat.
  • The terms and conditions of booking an extra seat might differ depending on the type of fare you choose and availability at the time of booking.
  • If you have gathered some miles points and discount codes from your past travel, you can use them and purchase the extra seat at a reasonable cost.

Apart from the extra seat policy, there can be some baggage policy for the extra seat that you must abide by. But, if you still need to be assured that can I buy two seats on a plane for myself, contact the airline you are choosing and take their suggestion on how you can reserve an extra seat.