Buying Snowboarding Clothes – Are Expensive Clothes the Best Options?

Author : The Destination | Published On : 15 Apr 2021

When you go to snowboard shops in Vancouver, you will come across different options for winter clothes. There’s the inexpensive $50 jacket and there are the mid-range $150 outerwear and the price $650 one. It leads one to wonder what the difference is when it comes to quality and their ability to keep you warm up at the slopes.

Generally, price tags should not be an indication of what’s good and what’s not. You can still find budget-friendly alternatives at snowboard shops in Vancouver that can prevent you from freezing while snowboarding.

The cheap ones can still keep you warm but might not have the best properties when it comes to wicking sweat or prevents moisture from seeping inside your clothes. Mid-range prices are fairly good in their waterproofing and breathable functions. They should be ideal for keeping you warm and dry while snowboarding.

If you have more money to spare, the more expensive ones are the best when it comes to moisture and sweat control. These are also the ones that tend to have more features such as bacteria prevention properties to keep the clothing fresh-smelling for a long time.

When shopping for clothes at snowboard shops in Vancouver, it’s better to check the waterproofing ratings first. This will tell you how capable the fabric is in preventing moisture from getting through the material. Of course, the outerwear will not have complete waterproofing benefits but the higher the ratings, the better its waterproofing capability is.

If you are on a tight budget, a mid-range one should suffice. You won’t be able to stand too long in the rain without being soaked through but it can be good in preventing melting snow from penetrating your outerwear.

This also depends on when you are snowboarding. During the sunniest days of the year, you can go with a 5,000-9,000 mm waterproofing rating. But on those days when rain and snow are expected, your clothes should be at least 11,000 mm to up to 15,000 mm. For avid snowboarders, go higher than 16,000mm.

Another thing that you should check is the seam taping. This is a technique that they use to prevent moisture from seeping into those seams. Cheaper clothes will only have minimal taping and only the ones that tend to be more exposed to moisture are taped. The mid-range ones would come fully taped while the most expensive ones would come with seams that have been welded. Welding means the seams are not stitched but fused. This will prevent moisture from getting inside the clothing.

These are the things that you need to check when buying your clothes for snowboarding. Keep in mind that these clothes are an investment so if you are serious about snowboarding, it’s better to invest in the best ones. You can check out your options at The Destination.

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