Buying One of the Best Home Raised Puppies in Arthur, IL

Author : HochStetlers Puppies | Published On : 13 Sep 2021


A puppy is as important as any family member of your house. Will it be wise on your part to buy one of the best home-raised puppies in Arthur, IL, without much consideration? Not at all! If you do so, it will be your sheer foolishness. 


The following tips will help you buy a dog puppy in Arthur, IL:


The most important factor to bear in mind when you buy a dog puppy in Arthur, IL, is to buy it from a reputable breeder and never from a pet store. Pet stores are notorious for purchasing puppies from 'puppy mills' and 'backyard breeders.' This is not a good way to give you the confidence that you will be guaranteed any kind of quality in your dog. Furthermore, you will often pay more for your puppy and won't have the assurance of the quality of breed type, temperament, or conformation. The dog may have overwhelming medical and health-related problems and have an inappropriate temperament. Temperament issues often don't manifest themselves until well into adulthood.


Another option for you to buy a dog puppy in Arthur, IL, is from a local shelter or a rescue group. If you follow this route, just make sure the pet has been examined by a veterinarian. If this hasn't been done, ask if you will be allowed to take the puppy to a veterinarian for an exam with the option of returning the puppy if health issues are discovered. The first two weeks you have a pet adopted from a shelter are the most important. This is because any diseases that the pet may have been exposed to when confined with a large number of other dogs will usually manifest themselves during that initial two-week period. Vaccinations and de-wormings are very important during this time. It is also recommended that the new puppy be isolated from other animals in the house during this period, or at minimum, make certain that your other animals are well vaccinated before bringing the rescue home.


If you take a decision to go with a breeder to find a puppy, it is often helpful for you to contact local dog clubs or animal hospitals to find reputable breeders. Steer clear of puppy factories—typically people that breed more than once or twice a year. Look for a breeder to get your puppy from home-raised puppies in Arthur, IL, for a purpose and not simply for money. An excellent way to find a high-quality puppy is to look for a breeder that raises dogs for conformation events, such as dog shows, lure coursing, or obedience. Such a breeder does a lot of health testing prior to breeding their dogs. It is virtually guaranteed that such breeders have screened for common problems in their breed and are focused on minimizing health problems. 


In your quest of finding a puppy, you should be concerned about a breeder who is dedicated to the improvement and wellbeing of the breed and not just producing dogs for profit or traveling to sell pet shops or puppy mill puppies. Always ask for references. It is always nice to see the Sire and Dam, but if you cannot, then at least be vigilant in your questioning.




Do not be careless about the choice of your puppy. Tips for buying a dog puppy in Arthur, IL, have been explained above. Go through them with rapt attention, and you will end up choosing one of the best furry friends for your and your family's protection.