Bright Kids Guide to the Best Preschools and Daycare Centers in Forest Hills, Queens

Author : Bright Kids of America | Published On : 20 Mar 2024

You may feel pained to see your little kid cry all the way to the school, but don’t get carried away by your emotions, say child psychologists. Sometimes, a little pain and a few tears are important, especially in this case. 

Your tiny tot is now “big” enough to go to preschool! 

She is taking her first step towards education. This is the beginning of her interaction with the outside world. Enrolling your child in one of the best preschools in Queens or a daycare center can be one of the best things to do for her.  

If you are in Forest Hills, Queens, you are lucky because Bright Kids America is one of the most preferred daycare center by parents. 

Here are the reasons as quoted by parents:

  • The center is safe and hygienic.

  • It features experienced teachers apt in handling small kids. 

  • The environment is fun-based and encouraging. 

  • Kids are encouraged to learn and express freely, to socialize, and to be themselves with no pressure or fear. 

  • The nurturing environment helps the child grow and excel. 

  • She learns to interact with other children and do things by herself, such as opening the lunch bag, keeping her belongings and taking them out from the bag properly, eating and sharing food with other children, and more. 

  • Teachers here respect the individuality of each child and let him/her just be. 

This preschool in Forest Hills is a great place to leave your child, especially for parents who are working and unable to give quality time to their kids during the day. 

Safety top priority

One of the features that makes a daycare center most loved in the area is safety of kids. Small kids are playful and not careful. They need constant supervision. Forest Hills preschool offers continuous monitoring of the kids, as they play and learn. The preschool features newly designed playground, which is fully padded and ultra safe. The playground displays advanced safety features taken from 2017 Global Playground Award Winning Designer. 

Guidance and learning 

Teachers at the best preschool in Queens guide the children as they explore their surroundings and learning tools. They teach each child based on her age and needs. Not every child is alike. One child may be faster in learning than another. The best daycare center in Forest Hills features differentiated lessons that suit each child’s learning needs so that they can grow and develop in the best manner possible. 

So, as your child enters the world of school, rest assure yourselves that you have enrolled her at the best preschool in your area.