Bright Kids America’s Guide to the Best Chinese Classes, Schools, and Daycare Centers in New York

Author : Brightkids chineseschool | Published On : 20 Mar 2024

Every parent wants their kid to be bright in school and in life as a whole. The very foundation of a bright life is the pre-school and the school years.

That’s why, as parents, you must enroll your kid to the best school or daycare center.

Daycare centers

If you are looking for the best daycare centers in Queens, you are at the right place. Bright Kids of America is rated among the top schools in the area. The teachers here believe that kids learn best in a play-based environment, which ignites trust, self-confidence, and creativity in a child.

Such an environment also fosters various qualities in children, such as being independent and accepting individual differences. A child learns to interact with other children who are similar to her age, but is different individually. 

The staff and teachers take care of the children here and provide a safe and comfortable environment. You can leave your child here at the daycare center without skepticism. The area is fully-padded, ultra safe where the toddlers are supervised continuously and are free to play.

Chinese classes

Globalization has created a demand for being bilingual or even multilingual. Young kids’ brains are naturally wired to grasp languages; so they can easily learn more than one language. 

The best Chinese schools in Forest Hill emphasizes on learning multiple languages, as it opens doors for better economic opportunities for the child in future. They conduct beginner class, intermediate class, and advanced class. Teachers are certified bilingual and experienced. 

In addition, bilingual learning has the following advantages:

  • It enhances the cognitive development of the child. Such children can multi-task better and display better decision-making and planning skills.
  • It leads to improved language skills.
  • The child is exposed to different cultures. This prepares her for a globalized world. She becomes more accepting of other cultures and becomes open-minded.
  • Bilingual education leads to better problem-solving ability in kids.

Top features of the best schools in New York

  • Teachers are professional and knowledgeable
  • They know how to handle kids with different temperament.
  • They create a nurturing and caring atmosphere for the kids.
  • The teachers are patient and loving, as they are dealing with very young kids, some of them are leaving their moms for the first time in life.
  • They let the children express themselves freely and creatively and provide fun-based learning.

Let your child join best Chinese classes for kids in New York. Let this be the first step to her bright future