Boost home aesthetics with Pool fencing installations in NZ

Author : Provista Balustrade | Published On : 16 Apr 2024

Owning a slice of swimming pool in the abode can be the dream for most homeowners, especially during the hot and humid summer spells. Nevertheless, it is vital to maintain the privacy and safety of these pool spaces by eliminating the snooping eyes of bystanders or trespassers. Property owners are advised to choose fencing for the pool zones, whereupon such a fence can be built with toughened glass. 

Provista, the esteemed and foremost pool fencing agency comes with top-of-the-line and cost-effective Pool fencing installations in NZ that help to boost the overall aestheticism of the abode. Such highly functional glass fences offer user-friendly installation along with simplicity of maintenance. Available as a tempered glass of thickness up to 12mm, these glass panels come in three different variants frameless, semi-frameless, and fully framed. Moreover, these glass fencing systems also complement the adjoining design of the house.

Let’s check out the foremost advantages of installing glass fencing for the pool space:
1. Ergonomic Installation and Simpler To Maintain
The installation of these glass fences or balustrades is pretty easy and does not require any drilling gear for mounting the latches for the concrete space below. The property owners can hire any licensed fencing contractor for simpler installation of such ergonomic fences. In addition, these glass guardrails are fully resistant to corrosion and moisture hence are ideal to be installed beside the swimming pools. The homeowners only need a spotless piece of cloth for wiping and soapy water that can be applied once every eight weeks to keep the glass fences unstained. Moreover, such glass-made frameless or semi-frameless panels are simpler to maintain and mostly do not require replacements, or varnishes throughout the year.
2. Comes With Increased Endurance and Robustness
Now the frameless or framed glass fencing is typically made with aluminum frames or 316 marine-grade stainless steel, along with 12 mm toughened safety glass. As the manufacturing process of such tempered glasses includes heating them to a surplus of 700°C, they are incredibly sturdy. This stringent assembling process makes the glass 6x more powerful than regular glass, hence unlikely to break apart. Moreover, these tempered glass fences can easily endure the extremities of weather, and even do not break by falling to the concrete below.
3. Delivers Aesthetic and Trendy Appeal to Homes
Now, such glass fencing styles look pretty elegant and deliver a minimalist and ultramodern appeal. Showcasing an open-themed and luxurious appearance to the pool space and adjoining premises, they considerably boost the overall aestheticism of the property.
4. Superb Windbreaker and Prevents Kids from Scaling
Moreover, it is a prudent choice to opt for such glass fencing in the homes, as they can ideally prevent gusts of air and high winds. Such installation of a glass fencing system is beneficial also in the winter, as it safeguards the occupants, especially toddlers from the cold. It also helps to prevent the toddlers from climbing up the glass panels, as they are installed at a perfect 90° angle. 

5. Boost the Worth and Space Area of the Premises
While portraying a sophisticated appeal to the pool zone, as well as the entire house, this glass fencing brings in a space delusion. As the glass fencing system reflects the light in the surrounding areas of the house, it makes the space behind the pool appear bigger than the original dimensions. Such glass fencing installation proves to be worthy, especially for small-scale garden or pool areas. With such beneficial facets, introducing these glass fences, usually the frameless ones ensure to boost the property’s resalable worth.
In A Nutshell

Provista asserts to be the leading supplier for peerless Pool fencing installations in NZ, thanks to their 14-plus years of unrivaled expertise. Such glass fences are made with durable, sturdy, non-weld, T6 temper-grade, galvanized, and powder-coated aluminum alloy. They are also available in 316 and duplex medical-grade 2205 stainless steel frames, along with A-grade toughened safety glass. All the pool fencing items are free from oxidation while adhering to the AS/NZS 1170.1 Structural Design and Design Loading features. The fences also comply with the NZ4223 NZ Glazing Standards and AS1926.1 Swimming Pool safety protocols.