Best Restaurants In Ranchi

Author : Lowest Flight Fares | Published On : 19 Apr 2023

Ranchi the capital of Jharkhand and the third most populated city is known by the name "City of Waterfalls". The city is a delight and serves a variety of the best mouth-watering food options. This is why, here's a list of the top restaurants in Ranchi where you can get delicious local cuisine as well as other Indian food options.

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The Great Kabab Factory

The Great Kabab Factory is an Indian specialty restaurant located in Radisson Blu Hotel in Ranchi. It's the focus is on traditional Mughlai food and delicious Kebabs. With a blend of dishes from prehistoric times to the present, TGKF endeavors a unique dining experience. They have a unique menu for each day. guests are served with extreme care and with unlimited servings of meals, be it vegetarian or non-veg. Check out this restaurant next time you are in Ranchi.

Kaveri Restaurants And Caterers

An incredible breakthrough, Kaveri has definitely set the highest standards for serving vegetarian food with a stunning appearance. The interior is stunning and the price of food is very sensible. The dining area is elegant and stylish with its utilitarian furniture the most elegant kitchens feel like a pop-up or boarding-school-style restaurants, but the food is delicious and tasty. Stuffed Naan at this restaurant is delicious and for a sweet and tangy sensation, you must make sure to order Dahi Vada, it's delicious. If you're a sweet nerd, look into fresh Rasmalai.

The Kav's

Behind every restaurant that is great is amazing food and the loyal staff. Kav's focuses on food as the primary focus of its knowledge. It's a subsidiary of Kaveri and has earned an enviable reputation for serving the best food to its patrons. The dishes are delicious and flavorful and range across North Indian to Continental and Chinese simple dishes such as Egg Devil Chop, Fried Chicken Dumplings, Paneer Hariyali Tikka, with its incredibly aromatic flavor are guaranteed to be delicious and leave no space for errors.

Yellow Sapphire - Hotel Capitol Hill

The smoky and inviting spot in the middle of Ranchi is both authentic and non-cliche. Mirrors and tables that are polished to perfection as well as a golden, sparkling atmosphere and fast service make it an ideal restaurant. So does the carefully curated menu that includes all of North Indian to Continential and European. The basic idea is that Yellow Sapphire introduced the city and the idea of European food that was European in style. Enjoy the best of Americans, Mid and Fast East countries and 24-hour all day, every day.

Yo China Restaurant

There's a glimmer in the technique of Chinese cuisine that remains a mystery thanks to their distinctive citrus flavor as well as the harmonious Eastern flavor throughout their cuisines. Enjoy the most delicious Chinese non-vegetarian food available from Ranchi starting with Pomegranate Margarita to Oreo Cookie Shake that never goes out of style and always green Diced Chicken with whole Black Bean and a deliciously sweet Chicken Lollipop.


Another restaurant with a long-standing reputation for all-day dining, Prana serves a wide variety of cuisines from all over the globe. Its menu includes a vast variety in traditional Continental, Mexican, North Indian, Chinese, American and Lebanese cuisines, such as Classic Caesar Salad and Chicken Shawarma - bread rolls made with Chicken, Arabic spice and saladbarbeque Chicken Wings, Golden Friend Prawns. For those who are vegetarians, there's Paneer Tikka Lahori and Veg Seekh Kabab. The ingredients and spices used for every dish are authentic and fresh from the region of origin. Prana is a relaxed and comfortable place and the most appealing feature is its rooftop-top portion.

Jungli Moon Dance Restaurant

The restaurant located in Ranchi is situated at Kanka .With its stylish appearance and a daily menu that is full of delicious dishes, and carefully selected spices, it is sure to provide the top restaurants a run for money. Specialising with North Indian, Chinese and South Indian for tingy-tangy feeling It's an ideal spot that will provide a tranquil ambience. With a more natural feel, it's as if you're in the forests. The real beauty lies in the brass utensils that give an historic look, making the entire ambience classic, yet romantic. Take a taste of your hand at the Moong Dal Halwa and I'm certain you'll want it repeatedly!

7th Heaven

Another one of the most popular vegetarian eateries located in Ranchi that blends a range in North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisines. The menu can be frustrating because everything is amazing: masala dosa with coconut chutney Veg Momos, Vegetable Navratna Korma, Spicy Paneer Pizza, Paneer Do Pyaza topped with Laccha Paratha, and ending with an additional tasty Gulab Jamun. The prices are not affordable and they offer endless selection of food items.

The Urban Brava

The charming neighborhood restaurant is a favorite for all-day meals as well as dinner sharing plates that feature an extensive Northern India blend, influenced by the flavors of all over North India. Foods are beautifully presented, and the style will always be preceded by taste. The restaurant also broke new ground by offering fast-foods, tasty desserts, and mocktails like Exotic Club Sandwich, Singapore Spring Roll, Chocolate Mousse as well as Grape Fruit Mojito.


The hunt for delicious vegetarian cuisine is never finished in a city such as Ranchi. From trendy decor to fashionable menu items, this restaurant is huge in both size as well as menu. We'll feel drawn to return more. Flaves has, over the years, earned a name for itself as a place to serve the finest North Indian, Chinese and South Indian foods. Flaves is the ideal spot to host private parties and gatherings due to its spacious interiors and well-appointed decor.