Best Gifts For Your Significant Other in 2021

Author : Deekshitha cho | Published On : 22 Sep 2021

While this idea is not great for everyone, it is a hit in the beard crowd. There are so many options and ways to personalize this gift. You can get a shaving kit with an antique flair or a more modern bundle that includes an electric shaver. You can also add on all-natural serums and oils that can soften and replenish your significant other’s beard.

Engraved Watch

Something like an engraved watch can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Watches are also great for any age or price range as they vary greatly in styles and cost. If your partner is a hiker, choose something sportier or built to last. If your partner loves certain cartoon characters, you can get one with their face on it. There are so many options for all types of personalities.

Solar Battery Charger

This is a fantastic idea for campers and non-campers alike because it can come in handy when your partner’s phone or other chargeable device dies. It is especially useful for travelling because solar battery chargers are known to be powerful and can also be charged by the sun while it is also charging your devices.

Cocktail Set

This may be only for those who are age appropriate, but there is nothing as classy as a cocktail set. This is another customizable gift that offers a lot of options depending on your significant other’s interests. It is also a gift that can be built on during future holidays. You can start small and add to the set with new items over the years.

Framed Art

Framed art provides the opportunity to get your significant something they can hang in their apartment or house and remind them of you. There are so many different sources to buy art whether online or in store. You can also support local artists by looking for art from the area you live. Framing is also a fun option to get creative.

No-Fuss Plants

Plants match everyone’s design aesthetic and can have great health benefits. Different kinds of plants can be air-purifying and you can also invest in a low maintenance herb that can be great for partners that also like to cook. You could also decorate the plant’s pot if you have a creative streak which is a fantastic way to put a bit of your personality into the gift.

Journal or Sketchbook

Journals or sketchbooks offer your significant other a way to express themselves. Even if they have issues voicing or drawing their inner thoughts, there are journals and sketchbooks that offer prompts for the user. You can also pair this gift with a nice set of pens or pencils.


Perfect for the homebody significant other, slippers are comfy and cute. You can get slippers with movie and tv characters, exciting prints, and rubber soles so you can wear them outside. This is a perfect safe option when you have no idea what to get your partner, but want to get them something thoughtful.

No matter what you decide to buy your significant other, remember that no gift is complete without a thoughtful card.