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Author : Digital Webfrog | Published On : 03 Apr 2021

Traveling is always enriching, an experience for all the senses and good food for the soul. For us, adventure tourism is the key to take you to remote places, explore their nature and authentically share with their people, their culture, and their traditions.

If you want to know more about what adventure tourism is and how we travel in Indiayou must be willing to take your heart as a traveler and leave behind that of a tourist.

StoneHeadBikes is specialized in customized India bike tours, bike self-guided, tailor-made, and escorted tours & self-driven car rentals to enkindle more exhilarating and more rewarding travel experiences.

What is adventure tourism?

For us, it is discovering the inaccessible, touching the distant, and being part of it at that moment. 

To reach what we would not otherwise have the opportunity to access, adventure tourism requires physical activities in the open air, which always respond to different levels of difficulty, thus adjusting to the physical level of each traveler.

Therefore, adventure tourism is not exclusive for adrenaline lovers but is also perfect for those who enjoy exploring and discovering remote places through personalized travel experiences.

Here are some of StoneHeadBikes favorite activities:

Hikes and Mountain biking

At StoneHeadBikes, we offer adventure tourism for Leh and Ladhak and Spiti Valley, and more.

Cycle through picturesque villages and farmlands in Leh and Ladhak while enjoying the beautiful view of lagoons, snow-capped places, and mountains. You breathe the pure air of one of the best destinations in Leh and Ladhak together with local experts. 

We invite you to discover our main personalized motorcycle tour packages and choose the one that best suits your needs. 

StoneHeadBikes offers you these and other types of adventure tourism in India. Get to know them and get ready to live a unique experience!

What are the advantages of adventure tourism?

Adventure tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world and not only generates benefits for travelers but also for the people, communities, and places they visit. Among the main advantages of adventure tourism is:

Personal benefits:

  • Access to remote locations

  • Mental and physical stimulation

  • Allows you to connect with nature

  • You will have a better appreciation and respect for the environment

  • Live moments of peace and tranquility amid unique landscapes

  • Get physical activity while touring incredible destinations

  • Get to know new cultures and customs

Benefits for the destination:

  • Attract investment to the community

  • Generates economic benefits

  • Strengthening of artistic and cultural manifestations 

Now that you know what adventure tourism consists of, do you dare to practice it? At StoneHeadBikes we have different itineraries for you.

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