Benefits of Using Chlorine Tablets for Hot Tubs

Author : Hot Tubs Ottawa Inc. | Published On : 10 Sep 2021

It is a big topic of debate whether to use hot tubs without the use of any chemicals or not. But it is quite obvious that it is not a hygienic solution to use hot tubs without chemicals. Another concern related to hot tubs is which chemical to use? Well, there are many options available, but mostly hot tub chemicals are based on either chlorine or bromine. Both the chemicals have their own benefits. But since, chlorine is more common, let us know some advantages of using chlorine tablets as a hot tub chemical. Following are the advantages:

Low Cost: Chlorine tablets are cheaper as compared to other hot tub chemicals. They are almost three times cheaper than bromine tablets and other hot tub and pool chemicals.

Convenience: Chlorine tablets (1-inch tablets) are more convenient for hot tub owners. These tablets dissolve better with hot tub water and give the required reading when tested. On the other hand, other chemicals take time to dissolve in water and do not give immediate action.

Stability: The reason why chlorine is in demand as a hot tub chemical is that it stays longer in the sun as compared to other chemicals. While the power of other chemicals reduces under sunlight, chlorine remains the same.

Germ-Killing Strength: Scientifically, chlorine reacts quickly as compared to other chemicals, and its strength is better than other hot tub chemicals. Hence, it facilitates hot tub owners with better germ-killing strength. On the other hand, if you use bromine, it also has similar results, but it is slightly slower than chlorine.

Others: While using hot tubs, you might be afraid of unhygienic water, but the use of chlorine and bromine could result beneficial. It can help water to maintain cleanliness and does not let you feel that the water is unhygienic.

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