Benefits of Breastfeeding Explained

Author : Mom Love Guide | Published On : 11 Jan 2022

After giving birth to your tiny human, you must be wondering how to feed the tiny human you have in your hands by now. Breastfeeding is a beautiful process through which you can feed your little one. The choice between selecting formula milk or breast milk for your baby can be a tricky task for every new mother. Babies need love and bonding with you that comes only from breastfeeding. Feeding on the breast is a very special process in which you and your little one develop their bonding Breast milk helps your baby in developing your baby's physical and emotional health as well. You must be wondering how to feed and why you should be breastfeeding your child? More, in this post, we will be discussing why you should be breastfeeding your baby.


Advantages of breastfeeding:


  • Your breastmilk is very essential for your baby as it has all the nutrients that a baby needs in its growing months. Breast milk is designed to provide a portion of healthy food to your baby. Which is very important for him or her?


  • In the initial phase of breastfeeding, the mother produces a thick yellowish liquid, called the colostrum, which comprises all the nutrients that are very essential for your little. It helps in developing the immune system of your baby.


  • Breastfeeding helps the baby be protected from various infections and diseases like arthritis and asthma. Formula-fed babies are as strong as babies who are breastfed.


  • Feeding on breasts does not require you to spend much on the products for feeding your little one. The little one can be fed at any time anywhere.


  • The process of Feeding from breasts helps you develop a strong relationship with your baby from the initial stage, which will be helpful to them in the future.


  • Feeding on breasts has long-term benefits that start by birth and continue till the child grows in the future as well. Even a little bit of Feeding from breasts can help a child a lot.


  • Feeding on breasts helps your child build a strong digestive system, as the mother's milk produced in the initial few days has sugar, exactly in the quantity that your baby needs.


  • It reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome cases in the baby. Researchers have proven that babies who are breastfed are less prone to SIDs cases in comparison to babies who are formula-fed.


  • Breastfeeding protects your baby from getting caught by Diabetes, both type 1 and type 2. The babies who are breastfed have fewer chances of becoming overweight or obese in the future.


  • If your baby is prematurely born, then the baby must be breastfed. It protects the baby from catching sepsis, heart diseases, or any other serious viruses which can be dangerous to the little one.


  • Researchers show that babies who are breastfed are smarter in IQ than babies who are formula-fed. The acids present in the mother's milk are considered to be brain boosters for your baby


  • Breastfeeding not only helps in the initial stage but it helps in the smooth transition to solid food when the baby turns a few months old. Continuing feeding by breast can slash the chances of your baby getting allergies. You can also decide to mix your breast milk with solid food and feed it to your baby; doing so will help them build flavors.


  • Feeding from breasts helps the baby and you in various ways; Feeding from breasts lowers the risk of cancer in you. Studies have proven that mothers who breastfeed their children have a lesser chance of breast cancer. It helps you be protected from heart diseases, diabetes, and also blood pressure.


  • Feeding from breasts also helps you to lose weight or maintain weight. The process helps in burning calories as it involves the nursing process.


  • Feeding from the breasts process helps your uterus get back to its original size as it was before pregnancy. The nursing process helps the uterus. It reduces blood loss during pregnancy.


  • Feeding from breasts reduces the risk of postpartum depression in the mothers after delivering the baby.


  • Feeding from breasts is to be given to children two years age, as the research shows, because it has many beneficial benefits for the baby


  • Feeding from breasts also protects you from problems with weak bones.


  • Feeding from breasts provides a perfect combination of vitamins, protein, and fats which is needed by your baby to grow.


  • Children who are breastfed have fewer ear infections even after they grow up. The feeding should be done at least for the first six months.


  • Feeding from the breast develops hormones that are soothing and have hormones that generate a positive feeling in the moms.


  • It increases the calmness in mothers.


  • The babies who are breastfed cry less overall.


  • The process helps babies trust their mothers and help in building trust over their mothers.


  • Feeding from breasts allows your baby to feel safe; they hear your heartbeat and feel safe.


  • Mother's milk is also responsible for developing your baby's behavior.


  • Breast milk is absolutely safe and has no artificial sugar at all.


  • It helps you ovulate better, which is very important for women.


  • Feeding from breasts is done in an easier and faster way.


  • This helps you save money. You don't have to purchase any formula for feeding your little one.


  • You can spend more time at your work; the baby will be less ill as it has been fed breast milk, so you can work and travel more.


  • Breast milk has ingredients like WBC, good bacteria, and bio achieves, which contribute to your baby's health and immunity.


  • Early premature babies, if given the mother’s milk and breastfed, come back to home faster from the hospital in comparison to formula-fed babies.


  • The babies who are breastfed develop healthy sleeping rhythms.


  • The babies have a pattern for eating and sleeping.


  • Breastfed babies are stronger than babies who are not fed the mother's milk.


Concluding lines


Hope you enjoyed reading the post. We have tried providing as much information as we had about the benefits of breastfeeding in this post-feeding from breasts is recommended at least till the child turns one, and it has various advantages. Babies need love and bonding with you that comes only from breastfeeding. Feeding on the breast is a very special process in which you and your little one develop their bonding. Giving your child breastmilk or not is still your choice.