Beneficial Tips on How to Buy the Right Size Mini Washing Machine

Author : CARAVAN RV CAMPING | Published On : 05 Sep 2021

Having your own washing machine in your caravan can be very convenient. It eliminates the need to worry about having coins to do the laundry at the campsite, and you can get your clothes clean in an instant without waiting for a machine to be available. A mini washing machine is perfect for RVs and caravans because it won’t need much space. Water consumption is significantly less than a regular sized machine, too. So, you can be confident that it can be a great addition to your motorhome, and you can do your laundry properly while on the road!

If you are new to buying a mini washing machine, here are some tips that can help you pick the right unit and size to suit your unique requirements:

Measure your space

Start by measuring the space where you want to install the small washing machine in your caravan. By knowing the size of that area, you can easily narrow the options down to machines with the right capacity, which is measured in kilograms (kg).

Not sure where to set up a mini washing machine? Consider outside the awning if it cannot be accommodated in the van, as long as there is access to water and power. A small portable washing machine should weigh only around 16kg and should be easy to set up. Alternatively, you can go for a wall-mounted 2.5kg or 2kg unit to save space inside your caravan.

Determine how much laundry you do

How many people are going with you? This is important as you will want to make sure that the small washing machine will be enough to accommodate everyone’s laundry.

Consider the height

Besides knowing the amount of clothes you’ll be washing, think about the height of the washer, too. If you lack space for storage, consider units that are no bigger than 33cm tall.

Check with leading brands

Quality is a priority when it comes to washing machines, and certain brands are known for providing the best. Look into the brands like Dometic, Camec, and Sphere. They are known for their innovative technologies and standards in designing and manufacturing mini washing machine models, which are backed by great warranties and a reliable support network.

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