Basic Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

Author : Get Ambassador | Published On : 28 Jul 2021

New businesses are usually the ones that need the most marketing. And at the same time, they are least likely to have the budget for it. With that being said, marketing does not need to be expensive and it’s also not practical for new small businesses to go all in without first trying the most basic marketing strategies.


As a business owner, it makes the most sense to try out low-budget ways to market your product before pursuing most costly options. Below are some strategies you can try:


1.)Start a customer referral program


One of the most powerful marketing strategies ever is word of mouth. There is nothing like a satisfied customer telling their community how good your product or services are. The concept of referral marketing tool is simple: Give existing customers incentives to refer your business to others.


You can set the wheels of your referral marketing program in motion by offering free products or services to both the referrer and the referee.


To ensure that your customers can instantly access the program, you can use a referral program app. A referral program app is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and let them know about sales and special offers.


2.)Give to Charity


Participating in charitable causes allows you get your product known while you give back to the community. Getting involved in projects like these can increase your brand awareness and bring in new customers.


For instance, you may sell your product and give all the proceeds to your charity. Another great way to get your name out there is by donating your product or services to a charity auction. You can find these types of events for many types of charities, so find one that resonates with your brand and get involved.


3.)Get on Social Media


Social media sites are often overlooked by certain businesses because they don’t see the immediate benefit, however these days social media platforms can be used for everything from referral marketing to brand awareness without spending a penny. Almost 90% of businesses use social media for marketing purposes. If you’re not, then you need to make your social media presence felt.


Social media is also a great way to form a connection with your existing and potential clients. It allows you to interact with people who might be interested in your brand who may not have every come across it otherwise.


When using social media, encourage customers to use a custom hashtag to identify your brand. Doing this potentially widens the organic reach of your product and opens you to a new audience. Tagging and sharing campaigns are a great way to reach new customers. You can offer a giveaway of a product in exchange for follows and shares of specific posts. While only a few people will get something for free, many more will likely be converted to loyal customers thanks to your social media presence.