Autoimmune Nutritionist London

Author : Linnea Simone | Published On : 03 Sep 2021

Paula can assist you with a unique personalised plan that can help to manage your autoimmune disease symptoms. Get in touch with our autoimmune nutritionist in London to create your personalised nutrition plan!

“Optimising your nutrition can help you to manage your symptoms”

Autoimmune disease occurs when your body’s natural defences (the immune system) attacks your own healthy tissue. Researchers aren’t sure why autoimmune disease develops in the first place or why women are more affected than men.

The important thing to remember is that autoimmune diseases cannot be cured however, the symptoms that you experience can be managed with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan.

My approach as a Clinical Nutritionist allows me to assess you for the above variables in order to put together a unique personalised plan that manages your symptoms. This involves a holistic evidence-based approach with functional medicine, – so that together, we can get to the root cause of your symptoms and conditions.

We will then address the common contributors and food triggers for your specific symptoms by working to ease your symptoms.

This means that we will assess your diet, hormonal balance, exercise and stress levels to give you a safe and effective custom plan that improve the health and integrity of your immune system and digestive tract.

While working together, I will guide you to self manage your condition so that you can manage your symptoms.

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