What to Look for in the Best Epicor Training

Author : Andrew Ogden | Published On : 27 Apr 2022

Epicor’s solutions for productivity and innovation have been transforming workplaces and garnering measurable results. Epicor’s various platform work across industries providing automation and efficiencies that empower companies to grow. To date positive impacts have been seen in the following sectors: automotive, building supply, distribution and logistics, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It’s not just customer-facing companies using Epicor either. The software giant was thrilled to recently announce that engineers from F1 racing team AlphaTauri decided to use Epicor's Kinetic system to analyze data and create simulations for better material use and parts efficiency. No matter how you are and what you do, there is an Epicor solution for you and your team.

Is your company ready to take things to the next level with Epicor? If so, you need training suitable to every department. Here is what to look for when seeking Epicor training.

Training for all versions

Epicor offers multiple platforms, so there is some crossover in functionality and generation. Choose a training provider that is familiar with: Epicor Kinetic ERP, Epicor® 10, Epicor® 9, Epicor® Vantage and Epicor® Vista.

Training your way

Does online training during downtime or shutdowns work best for your company? Or does in-person live instruction with a qualified trainer work better? Choose a company that is efficient in both methods of instruction, or that offers a hybrid model so your team can learn with as little productivity downtime as possible.

Expert, intermediate, novice

If rolling out Epicor across departments, your IT division, for example, will need a different level (or training on aspects of the platform) than the sales team. Your trainer should be able to provide each level of education, and make it department specific. However, there will be some crossover; the training should provide enough department integrations so everyone on the team understands how it works in the big picture, not just the parts of the platform that impacts them.


The best training is the training that works for you. That means before the instructors arrive on site they need to sit down with your operations managers and learn the ins and outs of your company. As Epicor is scalebar and flexible, a training model that delivers how Epicor works for your team now – and into the future – is the most cost efficient use of everyone’s time.


Epicor has the ability to help your company reach its short and long-term goals by providing efficient automations and innovative solutions. Look for an Epicor trainer that offers training on all the different versions/platforms, that offers in person or remote training, has a variety of lessons to match skill levels and departments, and that takes the time to understand your brand and your unique needs.

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