Amazing places to visit near Udaipur

Author : yash tours | Published On : 20 Apr 2021


Have you ever wondered of the beautiful natural places that you can see from Udaipur? If your answer is yes, then we will have a beautiful list of amazing and marvelous places to visit in and around Udaipur. These are some of the beautifully depicted natural places which would give you unforgettable moments and a feeling of pride during your trip with family. Yash Tours is leading Taxi Services in Udaipur.

Udaipur is the beautiful historical city of Rajasthan in India. It has been devoted to the royal Maharanas for years, there are lots of things that make this city famous like a lake, palace, and gardens are a major attraction. This city is also popularly known by its nickname: The City of Lakes. Even a large number of tourists come to visit Udaipur every year. Get the best Udaipur Taxi Service from Yash Tours.



Kumbhalgarh Fort (the Great Wall of India) is one of the very few forts in India with a complete wall. The wall surrounding the fort is nearly 21 km long, 20 meters high, and 10 meters wide. This fort is known for its historical importance - because of its massive size and attractive location. This monument has been highlighted as one of the most magnificent forts. Get top Taxi Service in Udaipur from Yash Tours.


Chittorgarh Fort, the dominant feature of Chittor, is an iconic citadel that rises majestically above the surrounding rocky ridges. It is an impressive feat of early medieval military architecture in Mewar, Rajasthan. The fort stands high on an outcrop that divides the flat plains of Mewar from the rolling hills of Marwar. Many tourists come to visit the historical city of Chittorgarh in India. The city is located on the southern edge of a plateau in northwestern India and 113 km southeast of Udaipur. It is part of the Siwalik Range. Its proximity to Mewar makes it an important trade center, as well as a tourist attraction.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu, located in the Rajasthan province of India is probably less famous as a travel destination than it should be. But like so many other places in India, it is blessed with stunningly beautiful landscapes and architecture. It is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, one of those magical places you know you will remember forever. Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India which we Indians love to visit at least once incomplete lifetime especially during the summer season.

Eklingji Temple

Eklingji Temple is a unique temple that makes Udaipur, Rajasthan, together with its extraordinary glory, charm, and magnificence more striking. It is a fine example of the architectural mastery of the Mewar Kingdom of bygone days which was based on practicality, utility, and aesthetic values. Yash Tours provides a leading Taxi Service in Udaipur.

Nathdwara Temple

Nathdwara Temple is situated in the holy city of Rajasthan, Udaipur district. It was built by Maharaja Krishna Devaraya who made important improvements and additions to it. The place is a tourist attraction among the Hindu devotees in India. Temple in Nathdwara can be called an exquisite example of Indian temple architecture.