Allen Bradley Products You Can Sell at Automation Stop

Author : Bertram Reyes | Published On : 26 Jul 2021

If you have different types of Allen Bradley automation equipment in the factory, you can sell it to other companies that are in need of these parts.
Allen Bradley is a popular brand of automation equipment. Most of the automation systems work on these parts. However, many companies change the equipment of parts when they stop working.
These old and obsolete parts are not of any use to them. However, they are in great demand. Some parts are old and rare, which are not easily available in the market.
Because of this reason, you need to sell it to the buyers. They will clean, repair and recycle the parts. They remove all the broken parts and fix the equipment and sell the refurbished ones. This way, other companies or factories can use it.
If you want to sell old Allen Bradley parts and equipment, you can do it at Automation Stop. It is an online automation store from where you can purchase different types of industrials automation parts.

You can buy from them, sell parts to them as well as get the repairs done. If you are looking forward to selling your old, used or surplus Allen Bradley parts, visit this link
You can simply submit the list of the equipment and parts which you are willing to sell. Automation parts will give you an offer for these parts. If you like the offer, you can accept it and sell the parts to them for money.
Types of Allen Bradley Equipment You Can Sell:
Here are some of the Allen Bradley equipment which is in great demand. You can sell all these parts online at Automation Stop.
- Sell Allen Bradley PLCs:
If you have a surplus, used, or obsolete Allen Bradley PLCs in your warehouse, you can sell them. This equipment is in great demand, especially the obsolete parts. Automation Stop purchases different types of PLCs like, SLC 500, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, and ControlLogix parts, etc.
- Sell Allen Bradley Servo:
This is another piece of Allen Bradley equipment you can sell. Automation Stop accepts equipment like Kinetix Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Obsolete Servo Drives, etc.
- Sell Allen Bradley HMIs:
Apart from selling Allen Bradley PLCs, you can also sell HMIs. Human Machine Interface is another important piece of equipment. It helps to check the machine data and statistics. You can sell different HMIs like Standard Panelview, Panelview 800 and Component, GE QuickPanel+ and Panelview Plus.
- Sell Allen Bradley VFDs:
You can also sell variable frequency drives to Automation Store. Some of the popular types of VFDs they purchase are 1305, 1336E, 1336F, 1336S, etc.

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