Manufacturers Of Work Uniforms And Workwear

Author : Hatch Haney | Published On : 18 Jan 2022

Founded in 1842, Bel y Ciais a well-established name in the dressmaking industry. The company offers bespoke, made-to-measure clothing of all types, from suits, tuxedos, and formal wear, to casual wear and custom design for men and women. Since the invention of “ready-to-wear” clothing, the bespoke dressmaking industry has suffered greatly. However, Bel y Cia takes pride in their tailoring and strives to continue the tradition of producing “made-to-measure,” high-quality clothing for each individual client. PRONENS was born from the effort and illusion of adapting the latest fashion trends to the school uniformity sector.
The quality of the washing is total, because the ink is fused by a chemical process with the polyester. The advantage is that no photoliths or screen printing are needed, the designs are high definition and it is suitable for multiple colors and gradients. Modern and fun, current and innovative designs with a wide variety of fabrics, colours, embroidery and prints. We create exclusive models, always in line with the latest trends, without forgetting the main objective that is comfort and resistance, the true protagonist. In response to the spectacular development of the professional uniformity sector, CIVSA incorporated creative and unique designs into its offer.

The Wet Cleaning system lets you restore the cleanliness and brightness of the most delicate garments. Thanks to our continuous development, we make the best washing, drying, and finishing programmes that are specially designed for clothing that requires the best treatment. The official clothing supplier to the Spanish Open and the Maybank Malaysian Open, the family business based in Kuala Lumpur continues to develop the brand across Asia, Middle East and Europe.
Wet cleaning is the clothes washing process in which we use water as a solvent. This process is specially designed for delicate clothing, which is why the washing is carried out using very uniformes hosteleria little mechanical action and a low temperature. Currently, at a global level we can say that more than 95% of delicate clothing washed using Dry Cleaning can be washed with Wet Cleaning.

Over the past 30 years we have established ourselves as the reference firm in the sector, working daily to offer a wide variety of products with the best quality and the best service. Minime is Berlotex S.L.'s brand of school uniforms, a company dedicated to textiles and clothing since 2001, and has extensive experience in the sector. Our belief is that professional clothing doesn't consist of a simple work uniform.
This means that every worker must follow the orders or instructions adopted by the employer. We have the technical means to carry out the entire production and finishing process internally, which gives us full control and the capacity to adapt to the requirements of our customers. With over 45 of years experience and an uncompromising commitment to technology, ELSANEK has become the flagship of the company.

The ideal would be to establish a criterion of weighting by which there is a perfect balance between the power of the employer and the rights and freedoms of the worker. Therefore, according to each case, one right prevails over the other. If workers do not comply with a company's dress code, the workers may be disciplined by the company. Even so, it is important to note that the company must act with total diligence in these situations, so it must act with flexibility and always justifying any action taken against one of the workers.
Our hallmarks are the high quality of the fabrics, a passion for detail and excellent work. All the articles of clothing that we sell are manufactured with our own designs and based on the ideas of our clients, not forgetting the imported fabric, like Italian silk, or microfibre, which gives ties softness and comfort. At Boccola, we are tie designers who, since 2013, have been working side by side with the company Manufacturas Sala Roca.
We work exclusively with the best materials and techniques on the market to guarantee the perfect condition of the garments after use and washing. For this we place special emphasis on the selection of fabrics, colors and details and, of course, all our love and dedication in the manufacture of the items, finished with an excellent preparation and guaranteeing short delivery and replacement times. We offer a complete school fashion collection for all educational levels, which covers all the needs of students and educators, and facilitates the management of schools through a single provider. As a result of a track record of good work, hundreds of Spanish public and private companies place their trust in us. Sustainable packaging is becoming a higher priority for both brands and consumers – more now than ever before. A nice packaging of garments sometimes increases sales at the consumers point.

In addition, the dyeing of wool felt requires the use of very specific machinery, different from the equipment more commonly used in textile dyeing. We have professional designers on our team and image consultants. We’ll be by your side if you need help choosing apparel for your boat or company. ELSANEK is the brand of smart fabrics by JONEL, a company in Barcelona specialised in manufacturing and innovating technical threads and fabrics.
In 2012, Iberia creates a low-cost subsidiary to operate short- and medium-range flights, Iberia Express. Its aim is to operate point-to-point flights and to feed Iberia’s long-range flights from Madrid. During the 1990s, the evolution of Iberia made it stand out as one of the airlines that best interpreted the future of the sector in the short term. In 1996, with the advance of technology, it became one of the first airlines to have a website and soon became a leader in sales through this system. Towards the end of the 1980s, thanks to the impetus of four airlines, including Iberia, the Amadeus reservation system was founded.
Known for its premium microfibre clothing in many vibrant colours and designs, the brand is represented on Tour by ambassadors such as S.S.P. Chowrasia, Arjun Atwal, Jason Palmer, Peter Lawrie, Damian McGrane, Agustín Domingo and Cyril Buniol. “We will provide uniform to the entire staff of the organization with more than 1,200 Crest Link garments, personalized with the Spanish Open logo, including officials, marshalls, volunteers, drivers of the courtesy vehicles, etc. There will be polo shirts and pants with different designs and colours depending on the role of each group. We hope to contribute to the Spanish Open success, as we did last year at PGA Catalunya”. The dyeing process is one of the most technically complex stages of our manufacturing process, as a satisfactory result requires great precision.

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