All You Need To Know About Criminal Lawyer’s Costs In Singapore

Author : Criminal Lawyer | Published On : 28 Apr 2021

Are you going through the investigation process and looking for how to represent yourself in front of the court for best results? Either, you can go through the long and exhausting process for hiring a lawyer who most likely will ask for an unreasonable price from you and then only proceed with the matter or, the other way could be through Criminal Lawyer Singapore where you will find the top lawyers with a justified Lawyer’s Cost in Singapore. We are here to offer countless quality services at a reasonably fixed price worthy of your time and efforts.
Criminal Lawyer Singapore is the one-stop destination that will provide you with the services associated with Singapore’s Criminal Law System whether it is violence offense, white-collar offense, property offense, traffic offense, sexual offense, drug offense or cybercrime. These criminal cases involve the commission of acts that are prohibited by law and are punishable by probation, fines, imprisonment or even death. First of all, let us tell you what the criminal legal investigation go through:
• The initial appearance or first mention of the court which is the defendant’s first appearance in the court and the defendant is advised of charges.
• An arrangement in which the defendant appears in court to enter the plea of guilty or not guilty.
• The trial is the state where if the defendants plead not guilty, a trial is held.
• Sentencing is when the defendant is found guilty, the court imposes the appropriate punishment.
• The appeal is the state when the defendant is not happy with the decision then he/she appeals to the higher court.
These are the procedures where one could find it difficult to go through such a stressful process. So, here, Criminal Lawyer Singapore brings you the wide-ranging solutions for every problem, more specific to Singapore's Criminal Justice system.
Following are some figures with regards to Lawyer’s Cost in Singapore which you can look into and explore what we do exactly in terms of the cost for legal representation:
• First Court Mention: $300.00
• All PTCs and Mentions (TOTAL): $300.00
• Representations: $300.00
• Comprehensive and Case Management System (CCMS): $300.00
• Mitigation Plea: $300.00
• Disbursement: $300.00
Given below are the best criminal lawyers in Singapore who will help you throughout the case: 
• Javern Sim: Being a criminal lawyer, Javern is considered as sharp, sterling and high order lawyer who will work his best to help you.
• John Koh:  With his deep research, he will work very hard to give you fruitful results as per your situation.
Hence, for the quality legal services from White Collar Criminal Lawyers in Singapore at an affordable price, contact Criminal Lawyer Singapore today.