All concerning Fiber Reactive Dyes in jersey Screen Printing

Author : Sardar chemicals | Published On : 23 Sep 2021

Color in jersey screen printing is incredibly necessary, particularly once you square measure operating with uncommon materials, like organic fibers and water-based inks. These can get to be placed in thought once designing the look for the jersey printing. The fabric's color is incredibly necessary as a result of {it can it’ll} have an effect on however the look will look.

Dark coloured materials square measure tougher to try and do jersey screen printing work on. The darkness of the fabric's dye affects however the colours of the ink seem once they square measure absorbed into the fibers and embedded through the solidification|natural action|action|activity} process.

How to do jersey Screen Printing with Fiber Reactive Dyes


Fiber reactive dyes square measure permanent colorants for materials. They are doing not wash out or fade simply. That’s the explanation why it'll be tough to use a straightforward technique, unless methodology} involves a lot of advanced color separation method.

You ought to discharge the fiber reactive dye from the material space wherever you propose to print your style. Use bleach thickeners, like Monogum or liquid detergents, mixed with family bleach, or use whitener Bleaching Pen to bleed the realm of color.

When the realm has been bled to a lighter color, it's prepared for the writing. Before applying the ink into the material, confirm the realm has been neutralized, rinsed and dried. You’ll be able to cure the look through heating or by textile dyes.

Using Fiber Reactive Dyes for Screen Printing jersey styles


Although fiber reactive dyes square measure used for coloring the material, they will even be used for printing the look on white cotton t-shirts. Like water-based inks, fiber reactive dyes have a soft hand. They additionally don't fade or wash out simply.

Fabric may be swaybacked into, sprayed with, or painted with acid dyes. It may also be by selection immersed during a dye bathtub like in tie-dyeing or batik. For screen printing, the dyes can get to be mixed with metal alginate to thicken it to a similar consistency as jersey screen printing inks. While not the thickening, the dyes can merely flow through the screen.

Other jersey printing ways to Use with Fiber Reactive Dyes 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         When you grasp the t-shirts square measure made of materials coloured victimization fiber reactive dyes, you're way more ready to use plastisol-coated vinyl for thermal transfer, optical device or inkjet prepared thermal transfer papers, or direct-to-garment digital screen printing.

Thermal transfer will add a lot of character to the look, particularly once you ought to individualise the jersey with names or individuals or organizations. You’ll be able to additionally use arts and crafts materials, like glitter, sequins and beads to feature pizzas and glamour to your jersey style. The jersey screen writing is very easy to try and do that you just will work along with your youngsters during this project.