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Author : raz smiths | Published On : 10 Jun 2021

This is really good uh setup for the hard pack trails that are usually right now the brakes are completely done everything there is new from golfer we have an oversized front rotor and standard re-rotor we have braided lines from the golfer and also new brake pads we bled everything with jay and these things it just works amazing it's such a good brakes Brembo brakes if you do them newly they they work really good all these little created pieces that are done on the air filter cleaner that you're seeing when I'm showing the pictures everything was done at moto blasters over in Florida thank you guys did an amazing job really appreciate your help now we have a lot of black anodized pieces from works.

 Clean & Oil A Popular Air Filter

The connection you know for this bike as i said we didn't want to go any color nothing orange and nothing like that so everything that is anodized is black and other aluminum parts are just raw aluminum and i think at the end the final product everything looks really good like that now every single ball that is super shiny is from spec bolts we got the restoration kit it comes with everything you need for the bike starting from your forks everything for the engine everything for the plastic so that's all done by spec bolts tm design work chain guide and chain slider in a black color looks.

Air Filter A Modern Dirt Bike.

Great and works even better super spread green sprocket front spracket and the o-ring gold chain every single bearing on this bike was rebuilt using factory links uh bearing kits starting from the front steering linkage and the swing arm everything is new everything is greased and it works really great foot pegs are titanium from raptor this is the company from uk they're really nice and sharp so i'm gonna be planted on this bike in front right here we update it to 2020 look we use nil concept the bracket to be able to use this new refender fast way pro motor billet kickstand or my friends i think that's that's about it uh i'm probably forgetting little things because we did a lot of work on this bike but hey this is what i wanted to share today let me know again let me know below in the comments how you like this build uh how you like this slovakia edition my own version of uh i guess six days ktm slovakia edition bike let me know what you think and don't forget whatever you do stay motivated see you guys later

Air Filter Maintenance Done Right!

Thanks for tuning in i'm Donnie i recently picked up this used rear wheel for my yz250 fx to use as a backup i got a great deal on it but it was silver so i sent the rim to be powder coated black and i got the hub cerakoted dark gray today i'm going to lace and true the wheel and i'll share some of the techniques that i use before taking anything apart i take lots of pictures and video in some cases i'll point out a couple of things i note on the foam air filter oil here since this wheel is identical